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The Turkish Ministry of Economy Support ITM . delegation from 15 countries
The Turkish Ministry of Economy Support ITM

The Turkish Ministry of Economy Support ITM

The Turkish Ministry of Economy has announced the list of the procurement committee supports for the year of 2018. The ITM 2018 Exhibition, which will be organized between April 14-17 and in which the heart of the textile industry will beat, is included on the list.

ITM 2018 Exhibition organized by the partnership between TEKNİK Fair and TÜYAP in collaboration with TEMSAD is the biggest exhibition of Turkey, the Near and the Middle East in its field. Additionally, it will be one of the most important organizations in the sector on a global scale. Many companies will announce world launches of their products in the Exhibition, into which the pioneering machinery producers of the textile industry, global investors, and commercial delegations will participate.

The ITM 2018 Exhibition, which is composed of 12 halls in an area of 120,000 square meters in the Tüyap Fair and Congress Center, has taken its place on the list of the procurement committee programs by the Turkish Ministry of Economy.


In this context, ITM 2018 is preparing to host procurement committees from many countries, especially from Iran, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Egypt, Turkmenistan, Morocco, Algeria, Indonesia, Tunisia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

The procurement committees from these countries will be able to meet with producers of all kinds of yarn, woven and knitted fabrics, with integrated facilities that make dyeing, printing and finishing on woven and knitted fabrics and with technical textile and nonwoven fabric producers.


The firms, which offer services in all the sub-branches of the sector ranging from cotton to yarn, from weaving to knitting, from digital printing to dye and finishing, will present their state-of-the-art technological products to tastes of visitors. The exhibition, in which the heart of the world textile industry will beat, has already taken its place as a 4-day program on the agenda of the business world.


The innovations, which will be introduced in the ITM 2018 Exhibition, are expected to invest in Turkey, one of the world’s most significant textile countries. The authorities of the Turkish textile producing companies plan to make the investments for both capacity increase and technology renewal after examining technologies in the ITM 2018.


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