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Top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran

Top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran

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Leather production has a long history in Iran. Iran’s modern leather industry began at the start of the twentieth century. Several Iranian companies manufacturing high-quality leather goods established popular brands in recent years.

Competition between these brands has led to enhance quality and designs of the offered leather products in the domestic market. In the following essay, the top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran are introduced.


• Mashhad Leather

Top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran

Mashhad Leather is one of the main companies of MIG Group (Mashhad Industrial Group). It is Iran’s largest leather manufacturer, with an annual manufacturing capacity of over one million pieces of leather goods. Mashhad Leather is a well-known and popular brand that places a premium on customer service.

As a result, it has been named “the most popular” brand in Iran for three years in a row. Clothing, shoes, gloves, bags, belts, and other leather products are available in both men’s and women’s collections at Mashhad Leather Company. In the Mashhad Leather plant, all production processes, from leather manufacturing to final product finishing, as well as quality control procedures, are carried out continually.

This respectable corporation employs around 1000 people across 70 branches across the country. Mashhad Leather Company has received various prizes and certifications, including top national industrial unit, Integrated Management Certificate (IMS), etc.
Top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran

• Novin Leather

Top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran

Since 1992, Novin Leather Company has been producing high-quality leather items. Novin Company’s leather items include apparel, purses, shoes, belts, and accessories. This company has always studied Iranian tastes in order to satisfy its consumers while also providing competent and convenient customer care.

As a result, it is one of the most popular leather brands, with well-dressed celebrities usually opting for it. Novin Leather Company has a substantial presence in both the domestic and international markets. Its products are exported to nations such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Japan, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Russia. It has also taken part in internationally renowned fairs such as Bologna in Italy, ISEF in Turkey, and IMOD in Turkey.


• Dorsa

Top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran

Dorsa brand was established focusing on natural leather products and continuously became more substantial after three decades of effort and creativity. In addition to Dorsa leather, Dorsa Home, Dorsa Jewellery, and Dorsa Cafe brands were also launched with the mission of developing the lifestyle of the future Tehran.

Dorsa is a distinct and unique brand among Iran’s leather producers, supplying luxury leather products with superior designs while also pursuing other services and ambitions.
The production of leather goods marked Dorsa’s first decade in a 15-meter workshop, but entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, and a passion for production fuelled daily motivation to build the Dorsa brand. Dorsa’s second decade began focusing on brand development and sales strategy. On the other hand, consumer insight and behaviour were studied in the third decade of the Dorsa brand’s journey.

The start of a collaboration with the international Swarovski brand was Dorsa’s most significant milestone in the third decade of its existence. Dorsa was the first lifestyle brand in the Middle East to get a Swarovski license in 2016, allowing them to make unique jewellery using crystal and exquisite Iranian leather.

• Shifer

Shifer Leather Company was founded in the year 1999, and it has always had an eye on the global market. Shifer’s leather goods are shipped to more than ten countries. Thanks to the brand’s popularity, it has grown to become one of the country’s leading centers for supplying leather goods, bags, and shoes. This brand has satisfied the needs and demands of customers by employing cutting-edge technology and manufacturing high-quality goods.

• White Buffalo

Top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran

White Buffalo was founded 40 years ago with the goal of enhancing the quality of leather production and supply. Leather goods of White Buffalo are available in a vast network of stores throughout the country. This brand has prioritized export, and as a result, it has succeeded in doing so by making its products available on a global scale. White Buffalo produces a variety of women’s bags and shoes, employing cutting-edge technologies to keep up with international competitors.

• Pandora

Top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran

Pandora was formed in Tehran, Iran, in 1958, and since then, it has remained one of the leaders in terms of keeping up with the newest global trend, quality, and technology. Pandora brand items are made in the country with local labor under the supervision of Italian and Turkish professionals, using the best domestic and foreign materials and cutting-edge technology.

This company has exported its products to several countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Azerbaijan. For the first time, Pandora has been able to invent Dr. Pandora’s products with the ability to drain the air inside the shoes and prevent foot perspiration by creating its exclusive air circulation system in shoes.


• Cactus Leather

Top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran

Cactus leather Company began operations in 2014 in a tiny workshop operating by just one person. Passing seven years since establishing this industrial complex, it now employs 60 specialists in a facility with a floor space of roughly 1200 meters.

Cactus Group offers a wide variety of leather products for men and women. The organization’s long-term vision, which set the fundamental objective for all of its staff, is to produce Iranian goods by Iranian experts. This organization has now expanded outside the country’s borders to worldwide markets.

• Maral

Top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran

Maral Leather was founded in 1995 with the goal of establishing an Iranian brand in the leather industry.

After nearly a quarter-century of experience in leather products, it has been able to open more than 52 chain branches throughout Iran, as well as several international branches in countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Kazakhstan, and Georgia, employing over 400 people directly and 2000 indirectly.
Currently, Maral Leather Group, with the help of the best Iranian experts, is attempting to use the most up-to-date industrial leather production technologies, market research findings, and the tastes and ecological characteristics of people both inside and outside the country, to manufacture leather goods.

This brand designs, manufactures and distributes high-quality apparel, bags, shoes, belts, gloves, and other accessories for people of all ages. Maral Leather’s particular principles of honesty in sales and faith in the competence of the Iranian workforce have helped the company become one of the three primary brands with the biggest market share in leather products in Iran.


• Patan Leather

Top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran

Since 1960, the “Patan Leather” brand has produced leather purses and shoes for Iranian men and women using high-quality raw materials.

This brand’s bags and shoes come in a variety of styles and colours to appeal to a wide range of age groups. Natural leather is used to produce the brand’s items, which provide purchasers with comfort and calm. This brand’s designers offer a wide range of high-quality products tailored to the public’s fashion and taste.

• Janta

Top 10 producers of leather goods in Iran

For many years, Janta Leather has employed an aesthetic and technological approach to satisfy its consumers as one of Iran’s most experienced enterprises designing and producing leather items.

In Janta, technology and innovation are continuously integrated to create stunning items with unique designs and high quality. Janta offers exquisite products with Iranian design and world quality thanks to international consultation, particularly from prominent consultants in Italy, and the provision of the best materials from the world’s leading countries in the leather industry.

The company’s products include men’s leather products, women’s leather products, and leather accessories.


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