Top 7 Socks Manufacturers in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the textile and clothing industry, with a significant market share. After China, Turkey is the world’s largest exporter of socks. Socks and hosiery products made in Turkey are largely exported to European countries.

The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, and Spain are the most important export destinations for socks made in Turkey. Turkish socks manufacturers are mainly export-oriented businesses. In the following essay, the top seven Turkish socks producers are introduced.

The global socks market size is about 49 billion dollars, and the main countries producing socks are Turkey, Pakistan, China, India, and Romania.
The major countries that consume socks include the member countries of the European Union – America – Japan – Canada – Switzerland – Russia. Here we are going to list the top socks manufacturers in Turkey:



Top 7 Socks Manufacturers in Turkey

Kariyo brothers established Penti socks in 1950 as two separate enterprises. The two companies united in 1970, forming “Ogretmen Corap,” with its initial manufacturing site in Istanbul, Turkey. It is interesting to know that the name of the brand called “Teacher Socks” was due to the fact that delicate women’s socks were used more by teachers at that time.

The trademark “Penti” was registered in 1983. Since then, this brand has continued to operate in the areas of hosiery, underwear, and textile products. Female legwear, men’s socks, home wear, sportswear, and beachwear are among the offered products by the Penti brand. The number of Penti brand stores is constantly growing and is being supplemented by sales offices in the United Kingdom, Romania, Ukraine, and Spain.

Alpin Socks


Alpin is a professional sock and tight manufacturer founded in 2000, producing extensive socks collections for Men, Ladies, Children, and Babies. Sports socks for running, football, basketball, skiing, tennis, and fitness are among the various products offered by Alpin.

Alpin Socks is one of the leading socks suppliers in Europe, with an average capacity of 9,000,000 pairs of socks per month. This company manufactures high-quality socks for prominent retailers in Europe and around the world, collaborating directly with them as partners to give a complete hosiery solution.

Alpin group takes pleasure in providing customer happiness by investing in people and technology, as well as providing dependable services and delivery. The fundamental drivers of the company’s success are design and technical innovation. The professional design team at its UK office gives frequent design presentations to its customers, showcasing the newest fashion trends.


Varol Socks

Top 7 Socks Manufacturers in Turkey

Varol Socks is a 35-year-old Turkish socks manufacturer and exporter. 3rd generation family members now lead Varol Socks with reputable experience in manufacturing socks. As a socks supplier, this company has worked with a number of reputed wholesalers.

Computerized designs, leg warmers, tights, plain and derby socks, knee-highs, and wool socks are among the products offered by Varol. This company produces a wide range of ladies, men’s, and kid’s socks in various colors and designs. Varol’s customers can place contract orders for both small and large volumes to ensure that they receive high-quality items on time.


Gelal Socks

Top 7 Socks Manufacturers in Turkey
Gelal Socks is one of the top socks manufacturers in Turkey, which is globally known as the preferred supplier for the world’s most well-known brands and retailers. It is a family-owned business founded in 1966 and is now run by the third generation of its founders.

Gelal has demonstrated its global leadership in designing and developing all types of socks with specific functions and properties and even basic socks for men, women, and children. Gelal’s goods include socks with cutting-edge high-tech revolutionary materials with fascinating features such as copper for comfort, antibacterial, extreme breathability, anti-friction, or ultra-grip.

Top 7 Socks Manufacturers in Turkey

In the Gelal company, chemical and physical tests are performed on materials/yarns, knitted structures, and finished products in fully equipped in-house Quality Assurance Laboratories by trained technicians. The brand’s significant emphasis on new technologies has resulted in three pending patent applications:
– Two applications for innovative material use in various types of socks to obtain ultra-high grip qualities (without increasing the product cost).
– One application for a unique workflow process that dramatically decreases natural resource consumption, energy consumption, expenses, and CO2 emissions.


Altin Iplik

Top 7 Socks Manufacturers in Turkey

Altin Iplik, Turkey’s top hosiery and nylon yarn manufacturer, was founded in 1945. It is an integrated facility that can make hosiery from fiber chips. With 99 percent brand recognition and a 65 percent market share in the Turkish women’s nylon hosiery market, Altn Iplik is the leader of the market.

This brand employs about 1,000 employees and has the capacity of producing 9 million dozens of socks and 6,000 tonnes of yarns. The company answers all types of requests from foreign consumers. Every year, the company designs new items in collaboration with a group of foreign consultants. Altin Iplik exports hosiery and yarns to approximately 40 nations on five continents, with European and North American countries accounting for 55 percent of total exports.




Naci Socks is another leading socks manufacturing company in Turkey that was passed from generation to generation. Since 1970, Naci Socks has been continuing its production in the scope of quality and trust as one of the major socks producers in Turkey and Europe.


Naci products, which include basic socks, sports socks, and tights, are shipped all over Europe. High-quality socks of Naci are knitted with the latest technology LONATI single and double cylinder sock knitting machines. Today, the company is moving forward rapidly and steadily to achieve customer satisfaction and high-quality goods following European standards.



Top 7 Socks Manufacturers in Turkey

Bross was founded in 2008 as a result of a cooperation agreement by Asm YAVUZ ARSLAN, a 40-year veteran of the sock industry, and Mustafa KOZUVA, Chairman of the Kozuva Group of Companies. The company offers a wide variety of products, such as socks for women, men, children, and infants, as well as some unique items like wristbands, hair bands, leggings, moccasins, dance shoes, sea shoes, slippers, leg warmers, and home shoes.

Top 7 Socks Manufacturers in Turkey

The company operates five stores in Turkey and four in the United States. Eight hundred people are working at the Bross group on a 25.000 m2 indoor area equipped with 622 machines, producing 72 million items per year. Bross has quickly expanded its capacity by exporting products to 40 countries, such as Canada, Russia, the Middle East, and European countries.


Hettatex Socks


Hettatex has its own production plant for cotton socks & tights with 60 high-technology Italian Lonati socks machines inside its own socks factory (all automatic toe-closing socks machine-Lonati GL616); monthly producing: 60.000 pieces of cotton tights and 400.000 pairs of adult and kids socks.

Hettatex continues to double its socks export volume each year by giving perfect service to apparel wholesalers/promotion companies around the world. (2021 total turnover was about 3 million Euro.)

Our factory has;

-OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 (Confidence in Textiles for Class 1)

-GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certificate

-Business Social Compliance (BSCI) reports

Besides socks manufacture, Hettatex is a supplier of home textiles products by cooperating with a knitted/woven fabric factory which has one of the largest capacity in the city of Denizli.

Besides creativity and passion for offering various products, Hettatex has another great asset: the service. Thanks to a highly flexible company structure, Hettatex is able to respond quickly and efficiently to its clients. Hettatex develops custom styles, customizes fitting to the client’s needs, and furthermore helps with packaging research and production.

​Hettatex is always at your service and looking forward to hearing from you at any time you need.


Şimşek Socks Factory

Şimşek Socks Factory is located in Istanbul-Esenyurt and is one of the important Hosiery Manufacturers in Turkey, which produces from baby to male bodies.

Our company, which has about 30 years of experience in the sector, has started to export its products since 1998 and today exports all of its production capacity, which is 30 million pairs per year, abroad. Knitting, nose sewing, washing, ironing, and packaging are all done in our 7000m2 factory with the latest technology machines.

Although we usually use carded and combed cotton yarn in our products, we produce wool, acrylic, polyester, and many other raw materials in accordance with the demands of our customers.

Our company works with important market chains in Europe and also works with licensed companies and some large wholesale companies. It is subject to audit programs such as BSCI and Sedex by independent audit companies in order to maintain the social and technical compliance that our customers seek.

As a company, our primary goal is to grow further and provide mutual benefit to our customers. We are ready to provide the best possible service according to the demands of our customers.

Address: Akçaburgaz, 3102. Sk, 34522 Esenyurt/İstanbul
Tel: +90 (212) 565 75 25


The main reason for Turkey’s superiority in the export of socks is that it has the necessary characteristics for export. Among the important indicators for export, we can mention the price, quality, wide range of products, and the beautiful designs of socks and international standards.

Today, Turkey is one of the main importers of hosiery machines in the world and is rapidly renovating old machines with modern technologies.

The export incentives of the Turkish government can also be seen as one of the important factors in increasing the export of Turkish socks to the whole world. The Turkish government pays up to 70% of the expenses of the exhibition, plane tickets, accommodations, and even store rent in the target countries to Turkish companies, and this is one of the most important incentives for the development of export markets.



Sayko Socks

Address: İkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Dersan Koop. San. Sit, Trios 2023 İş Merkezi B Blok -1 Kat No. 53, Başakşehir İstanbul / TÜRKİYE
Email: /
Mobile +90 555 645 6286

Sayko Socks™ based in Istanbul Turkey. Specialize in socks production in EU and world standards.

Our adventure stats in 1982 with Sayko Technic, and today we growing with Sayko Socks™ around the world with our happy customers.



Saby Socks

Tel: +90 (212) 875 29 09

Saby Socks started to produce socks in 1994. Our company is constantly following the technological developments and growing day by day. It continues to produce socks with its technologically advanced and computerized machines and technical and experienced staff.

Our company produces men’s, women’s, children’s, baby socks and tights with its technical and experienced staff in its modern facilities and exports its products mainly to the USA, England, France, Italy and other European countries. It supplies products to very famous companies in Europe and our country. Its first principles are quality, aesthetics and customer satisfaction.



Egs Socks

Address: Bağlar Mah. 18. Sok. No: 7/41, 34209 Bağcılar, İstanbul – Türkiye
Tel: 0552 524 52 40

In the center of Istanbul, a proud legacy of manufacturing innovation lives on. Since 1980, EGS Socks has been producing the highest quality goods with dedication and experience woven into every fibre.


The company’s longevity is thanks to a dedicated team small enough to provide a completely bespoke manufacturing service, yet large enough to fulfil even the tallest order and the toughest deadline. It’s also thanks to the product itself – peerless threads that leading Turkey and international brands are proud to see emblazoned with their livery.



Eligul Socks

Address: Maltepe Mahallesi, Litros Yolu/yol Sok. No:3 D:1/C İstanbul 34010 Zeytinburnu/Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90 212 565 1857

In 1984, Eligul first entered the textile industry with a small sock packaging workshop. Four years later with the purchase of a knitting machine, Eligul stepped into the world of manufacturing.

Eligul gained growth and presence in Turkey’s market initially in the Istanbul Grand Bazaar Market. With its flourishing success in the Istanbul Grand Bazaar Market, Eligul quickly spread internationally into Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan.


In 1994, Eligul’s continued success was marked with the opening of their fist store in Grand Bazaar. In order to expand further into the European market, Eligul Foreign Trade Company was established in 2001. A very short time after, Eligul became Europe’s most preferred sock supplier.

In order to meet growing demands as a supplier and to accommodate an annual production capacity of 25 million pairs of socks, Eligul moved its workshop to a 7500 m2 factory.

Currently Eligul has sales in many European Countries, including, but not limited to; England, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, and Italy.



Beks Socks

Address: Org. San. Bölgesi Karaağaç Mah. Fatih Bulv. No:30 Kapaklı/Tekirdağ
Tel : +90 282 736 30 00

With a total of 200.000 square meters our company’s premises are situated in the industrial area of Çerkezköy – a city in the Tekirdağ Province of Turkish Thrace -, which is located in the European part of Turkey close to the border with Greece.

Since the year 1975 Beks Socks & Seamless Underwear has been successfully offering its valuable services in the fields of socks, hosiery products and seamless underwear on the international market and always in compliance with customer requirements. Based on a sophisticated holistic system – that combines and covers all necessary production steps and aspects in an integrative and all-embracing way, we’re proud to highlight the fact that all required raw materials are purchased by ourselves in order to be then further processed in our dyeing kitchen, afterwards evaluated in our laboratory until they are finally released for ultimate manufacturing.

Moreover, all product-related development and designs are also worked out internally and are finally implemented in our own plants, too. By this means, all necessary production steps are combined in the most efficient and holistic manner.




Address: Haracci Mah. Dolmabahce Cd. No:12 34281, Arnavutkoy/Istanbul/ Turkey
Phone: +90 212 501 49 39

Having been a reliable socks and legwear manufacturer in Turkey for many years, we are pleased to introduce ourselves as Bolero SOCKS® with commitment to unconditional customer service along with competitive prices.

Aspiring to be “Your Global Socks Supplier Partner”, Bolero SOCKS® offers you numerous offers for your socks and legwear demands from its technologically well-equipped manufacturing plant in Istanbul, Turkey.

With an organized supply system, the success of Bolero SOCKS® is the result of a number of factors: huge contacts in socks and textile industry, unbeatable quality-price ratio, particular attention paid to advanced technologies under our “Total Quality Management System”.

Thanks to our remarkable machine capacity (over 120 Double Cylinder machines (Bentley KOMET) and 75 Computerized Machines (Lonati)), we are capable of producing over 25 million pairs only for export purposes.


  1. Hello. I need high-quality white cotton ankle-length socks with the initials S.S.J.

    Woven at the ankle on both sides for a school uniform.

    I want clean +-80% cotton with spandex. The weight of each pair should be +-20 grams.

    Sizes: S 27-31 / M 32-35 / L 37-41

    abimurad (at)

  2. Hello, my name is Augustine Udi.
    I’m the CEO of Divine grace ventures in Nigeria.
    I’m interested in doing business with your company.
    I need high quality cotton customized socks for schools here in Nigeria.
    Please what do I need to do so that you can be supplying my company.


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