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Keyvan Aviation produce antibacterial uniforms

Istanbul based company Keyvan Aviation has created new antibacterial uniforms that use materials designed to protect people from viruses and bacteria without cabin crew having to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) over their uniforms.

Keyzan-Aviation-antibac-uniform-middle east textile
Keyvan Aviation’s antibacterial uniforms. photo: Keyvan Aviation


“To achieve ICAO ‘clean crew’ advice, we built Airlines Cabin Crew Uniform with new safety design to cover the entire body and used antibacterial fabric to actively inhabit viruses and kill bacteria upon contact on the surface,” said Seden Bolat, Keyvan Aviation strategy advisor.


“Our uniforms are made of 97% cotton and tested according to international standards. They are produced from fabrics suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, the moisture vapour transition feature in the fabric provides comfort throughout the day.

Since microorganisms such as bacteria that cause odour, require prerequisites such as food, temperature and humidity, textile products that come into contact with the skin become an ideal biosphere for microorganisms. Anti-Odour odour suppression technology, which we use in our fabrics, catches scent molecules and controls unpleasant odours, ensuring that the uniform smells clean.

Our uniforms provide a fit look and are subjected to special processing during manufacturing to reduce pilling and hairing tendencies. Cloths that have the feature of easy cleaning when exposed to dirt and stain do not lose their shape when washed thanks to the elastic structure.” Bolat added: “By keeping the textile free of viable viruses and bacteria, our produced uniform minimises the potential for re-transmission of pathogens from textile.”

About Keyvan Aviation

Keyvan Aviation, headquartered in İstanbul, was founded by Mehmet Keyvan with more than 20 years of aviation experience.

As Keyvan Aviation, we aim to fully meet the needs of our customers with private jet consultancy, aviation fashion and aviation management consultancy. We combine commercial and private aviation with design and high quality. Within the scope of aviation management consultancy we provide professional support in aviation, law and finance.

Our designer team combines fashion with technology and gives a new look to airline company uniforms with the right materials, taking into account the country cultures of airline companies. Our in-house engineers continue to work devotedly every day to improve the innovations and technologies we use in our uniforms. While offering a wide range of services in this regard, we do not compromise on principles such as quality, advanced technology and price stability.

While we strengthen our place in the sector with our experienced and qualified team, we share our expertise gained over the years in the aviation industry.

As Keyvan Aviation, we develop innovative technologies and realize projects in the aviation field, advancing rapidly towards becoming a leading company. We are taking sure steps towards becoming one of Turkey’s most important brands in the international arena.

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