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Which Are the Best Textile Exhibitions in Egypt?

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By: Behnam Ghasemi :: Kohan Textile Journal

Egypt, as a country with a long history in the world’s textile industry, is known as a producer of one of the best and highest quality cotton fibers in the world, in the field of cotton products, from fine and quality cotton yarn to all types of cotton clothing. Recently, the Egyptian government has pursued ambitious projects in the cotton yarn spinning sector by establishing the world’s largest spinning factory in Egypt.

Egypt is located in the North Africa region. With more than 100 million population, this country has a strong domestic market for textile goods and more than 3500 manufacturing companies are working in this country.

Due to the readiness of the domestic market for companies supplying machinery, equipment, raw materials and foreign investors, as well as the presence of many Egyptian manufacturing companies in export and international markets, Egypt is a good option for holding textile exhibitions.

Textile Exhibitions in Egypt play an important role in the growth of the textile industry of this country, but in general, the purpose of Egyptian textile exhibitions is to meet the needs of the domestic market for raw materials such as all kinds of tweed yarns made of synthetic fibers – clothing accessories – chemicals and especially machinery for the textile and clothing industry.

Looking at the political conditions of the past years, we find out that Egyptian textile exhibitions have not been very successful in increasing the export of textile products of this country and among them, we cannot mention an exhibition with a large number of foreign buyers.

If you intend to participate in one of big textile exhibitions in Egypt as a foreign company, you should know that the Egyptian market is not a market with high purchasing power. For example, if you are a manufacturer of textile and leather products, you should offer products with medium and low prices in the exhibition.

In Egypt, it is very important to have a good representative in the field of textile machinery for sale. Since a part of Egypt’s textile industry is still in the hands of the government, it is important to have close relations with government partners. Because in large government projects such as the establishment of the world’s largest spinning factory in Egypt, having close relations with government departments can be decisive in equal competitive conditions.

Egypt’s textile strategy aims to achieve a significant leap in the production capacity with a target production of 188 thousand tons of yarn yearly compared to the current figure of 37 thousand tons and 198 million meters of fabric instead of 50 million meters for the time being.

Known as the “white gold” for its unique characteristics; Egyptian cotton kept the position of the finest natural fibers in the world for its unmatched strength. Egypt produces about 150,000 hectares of cotton fiber yearly, while cotton yarn exports equal to US$ 400 Million.

Below you can see more information about the top 5 textile exhibitions In Egypt:


Cairo Fashion & Tex

The 71st edition of the Cairo International Fashion & Textile Expo


Date: 02 to 04 March 2023
Venue: Cairo International Convention Center, Egypt

Cairo Fashion & Tex is the first and only international exhibition specialising in yarn, textile, garment and it’s trimming supplies and accessories in Egypt.

Cairo Fashion & Tex is an approved event by UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry). An exhibition identified as a “UFI event” is proof of high quality, thus providing exhibitors and visitors alike with the assurance of making a sound business investment.

Picture Courtesy: www.cairofashiontex.com / Cairo-Fashion-Tex-Exhibition-Cottonil-Company-Booth

In 1993, the first Cairo Fashion and Tex, was held twice a year, on March (summer – spring) and September (winter – autumn.)
The event is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and all the industrial chambers.
Cairo Fashion and Tex is held on a vast area of space (20000 m² to 40000 m²) at CICC (Cairo International Convention Center)
Several ministers and ambassadors have attended the openings of our exhibition and over 20 countries have participated in the event so far, such as (Turkey, Syria, Spain, Italy, China, India, Lebanon, Qatar, Pakistan, Jordan, Kuwait & KSA). Cairo fashion and tex is one of the biggest textile exhibitions in Egypt.

Contact info:
Phone: +2 262 33 190

The New Frontier of Africa’s premium- Apparel and Textile Industry

Destination Africa 

Date: 19, 20 November 2022
Venue: Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Hotel  – Cairo – Egypt

Destination Africa is an annual international pan-African B2B sourcing event for the textile industries in Egypt. It brings together the African Textile, Apparel and Home Textiles manufacturers in ONE place with international buyers to strengthen business opportunities and trade activities on a global level. The event consists of a regional exhibition with African countries’ pavilions.

Destination Africa has witnessed outstanding success with a growth of 74% visitors since 2016, resulting in an increase in the exhibitors’ number, the exhibiting space, and the number of local, regional and international visitors.

Contact info:

Tel: +20-2-252 710 10


Stitch & Tex 2022 

The 14th International Exhibition of Textile & Garment Machinery, Printing Technology, Yarn & Fabric Innovations and Accessories.

Date: 20-23 October 2022
Venue: Cairo International Conference Center – Nasr City

Renowned exclusively for seven consecutive editions as the one and only business event committed to providing awe-inspiring novelties within the textile technologies sector; AFRO STITCH & TEX stimulates the upward momentum of the textile industries in the entire African continent; with spectacular trend displays, all-inclusive tendencies expositions and conspicuous know-hows covering the entire spectrum of textile related technologies, equipment, fixtures, components, accessories, applications and fittings.

Highlighting a wide range of superior most modernized textile machinery and equipment demonstrated by the world’s supreme key players; AFRO STITCH & TEX upswings promptly as the sole distinctive professional trade event within the African continent; driven by the elevating demand on textile-related technologies.

Signifying the model business setting showcasing the most advanced conceptions and production lines to serve the prospering textile markets within the African continent, AFRO STITCH & TEX creates irreplaceable opportunities for the world’s key technology makers to expand their business reach in one of the hottest occupational spots all across the world.

Contact info:
Address: 50 Shooting Club st., 6th floor, Mohandeseen, Giza, Egypt.
Email: info@visionfairs.com
Tel: +2 (02) 333 55423


Défilé D’Egypte

Défilé D’Egypte was founded with a simple and direct philosophy to help client manufacturers/companies to become more competitive and better equipped to tackle the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Our aim is to provide the Egyptian market with a unique and superior product in the field of marketing, advertising & exhibitions, considering the pricing policies and the element of timing. We offer a board range of activities to distinguish ourselves for being your partner to success.

Those activities are considered as an image to create business opportunities in the intensified competition and ultimately to increase profitability.

We are able to “ tailor-make” a package to suit your requests along with our networking system to meet your needs and expectations.


For Adults fashion ( feminine – masculine), leather products, Footwear, textiles & its necessities.


For children wear, leather products & shoes, textiles & its necessities
DEFILE D’EGYPTE international Fairs had been held on a fairground 8000 sq. meter & under the auspices of the ministry of industry and Commerce – Egypt.

The participants are the largest & famous manufacturers from Egypt & different foreign countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Emirates, Syria, Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany.
DEFILE D’EGYPTE visitors are more than 35000 (local & international )

Contact info:
Email: info@defiledegypte.com
Phone: + (202) 24019488
Address: 24 A El Obour Buildings – Salah Salem Road, Nasr City, Cairo, Postal Code: 11371, Egypt


The textile and apparel industry represents 30 percent of industrial production in Egypt and 10 percent of total exports.
Demand on Egyptian home textile products is growing domestically at a pace of 25% annually due to the mega residential and commercial projects upsurge.

Egypt’s Textile sector “Vision 2025” initiative is set to significantly expand the sector. The strategic objectives include creating one million jobs, training 750,000 employees, and increasing textile and garment exports to $10 billion per year by 2025.

Situated already as the “rising marketplace” for textile industries; Egypt grasps the features of excellence to become the ultimate textiles commercial and investment hub all around the Mena region; offering all the essential components, including outstanding geographical location, superior raw materials, low wages, first-class transportation infrastructure and low energy costs.

The growth of Egypt’s home textiles export is estimated at 15% (CAGR) for the upcoming 5 years at least; with upholstery, linens, curtains and carpets representing the most promising sub-sectors.

Contact info:
Address: 50 Shooting Club st., 6th floor, Mohandeseen, Giza, Egypt.
Email: info@visionfairs.com
Tel.: +2 (02) 333 55423

Picture Courtesy: www.egyhometex.com / Egy-Home-Tex-Exhibition


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