Stitch & Tex Expo to have two trade fairs

Stitch & Tex Expo to have two trade fairs

Stitch & Tex Expo – Afro Edition 2020 will hold two consecutive trade fairs. The first trade fair is dedicated to garment processing technologies including sewing, embroidery, fabrics and accessories. The second will feature textile processing technologies including weaving, spinning, knitting, and dyeing machinery, technologies and spare parts.


The exhibitions are meant to motivate employment, inspire skill development, stir entrepreneurship in the textiles business segment, achieve economic development in the African continent.

The two editions of Stitch & Tex Expo – Afro Edition 2020 are to be held in Egypt during February 27-March, 2020 and March 5-8, 2020.

Over the past decades international business interest in Africa has risen due to its immense resources. Positioned already as the “rising star” for sourcing garments, Africa enjoys comparative advantages. It has all the essential ingredients – quality raw materials, low wages and low energy costs – to attract key manufacturing brands.

Africa is on its way to becoming the major regional apparel hub with great propensity to provide competitive prices. The textile and clothing sector is predominantly the key priority sector of Africa’s industrial development strategy as a fragment of the continent’s grand growth and transformation industrial plan.

Stitch & Tex Expo – Afro Edition makes available cutting-edge technological solutions for qualified buyers, and provides exceptional opportunities for exhibitors to access the regional prosperous well-off markets at a single event. It is a premier event paving the way for textile and machinery manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers to capitalise on growing opportunities in one of the world’s most appealing business environments.

The events will provide a platform where textile and apparel regional manufacturers meet worldwide machinery and accessories leading innovators and brightest minds to source machinery supplies, network with industry players, benchmark their modernisation strategies and get-to-grips with evolving trends and technologies. The show presents state-of-the-art quality content, covering the entire spectrum of textile and apparel machinery sector comprising textile, weaving, spinning, sewing, embroidery, knitting, dyeing and finishing machinery, in addition to related accessories.

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