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Nishat Group gets Asteks' 201-SF cots grinding machine

Nishat Group gets Asteks’ 201-SF cots grinding machine

Nishat Group, an important industrial player of Pakistan, has invested in Astek’s new generation cots grinding machine, 201-SF, with smart feeding system, for their textile mills. Having completed installation in 2018, the machine is successful in building new projects. Asteks is a leader of the Turkish textile market with their cots, apricots, and crafts.


The company has invested in Asteks’ 2016-SF reciprocating machine with a new generation of intelligent feeding system for textile enterprises. The machine, whose installation was completed at the end of 2018, proved its success with its performance and power and guided the new projects in this field.

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The installation of the Asteks’ 201-SF cots grinding machine with smart feeding system at Nishat Mills in Faisalabad was completed at the end of 2018 and the machine started up with superior performance. Nishat Mills started to work with Asteks in 2017 with cots and aprons products. The company officials had the opportunity to closely examine Asteks’ machinery at ITM Istanbul in 2018. The cots grinding machines, that are the result of transfer of Asteks’ experience in cots manufacturing, attracted their attention with their stunning performances. Establishing confidence in the machine through the detailed technical studies they have carried out, the company has decided to make the investment of their new cots grinding machine by Asteks, the company said in a press release.


Along with user-friendly, high precision process quality, and low maintenance, the smart feeding system increases operation efficiency. With manual cots grinding systems, an employee must feed each cot individually in the magazine cassette. This means that an employee must allocate a large portion of their work schedule to the feeding process. In 201-SF, the cots are poured into the feeding boxes in bulk quantity at once. The smart feeding system aligns these cots to the magazine cassette to be delivered to the grinding section without labour required.


Another automation is offered by 201 SF; in conventional systems, cots with different diameters are manually measured by an employee with a calliper. This means additional labour and a loss of time in classification and separation. 201-SF does the outer diameter measurement of these cots with a laser diameter measurement system. Minimum and maximum value input is sufficient by the operator. The cots not in this specified range are separated before being sent to the grinding section. Only the cots in the specified diameter range are delivered to the grinding section.


In addition to all types of short cots for ring spinning and roving frames, long cots such as draw frame and combing frame cots can be grinded on 201-SF with no need of an additional system, a complicated modification or time-consuming conversions. Unlike with conventional systems, it is not necessary to completely dismantle the upper structure of the machine and to place the new stone to grind the long cots for draw frame and combing frames. This adequate and fast system allows for a variety of features and functionality, while long-term machine downtime is avoided. This simplified operation and ease of maintenance are vital for total efficiency.


The 201-SF cots grinding machine is currently being operated at Nishat Mills at 350 top rollers per hour (700 cots) of grinding speed and meets all requirements. Depending on the operating conditions, the 201-SF also offers solutions to the more advanced requirements of the yarn manufacturers with higher speeds.

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