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LOPTEX enter Africa market by first installed machineries in Egypt

Interview with Mr Renato Gerletti / Loptex Company
By: Behnam Ghasemi / Kohan Textile Journal

Loptex, as leading manufacturer of quality monitoring systems, offers to the market suitable and sustainable solutions to contamination problems in Spinning and in Nonwoven Industries.

How did you evaluate the ITM 2022 Istanbul exhibition in general?
The ITM 2022 Istanbul Textile Machinery Exhibition was very successful and highly productive, and was an important event, especially for the textile machinery industry after the Corona Pandemic, and brought new energy and hope to the sector. The exhibition is well organized and most of the world’s leading companies are present here.

We, as a textile machine company, participate here to present our latest technologies and innovations to offers to textile customers and investors. I hope that in the continuation of this path, we will show more achievements of Loptex Company in ITMA Milan exhibition next year.

Where is the export destination of Loptex machinery?

Our major markets in Asia and the Middle East are Turkey, India and Pakistan, and we have recently installed new lines in Egypt, which is the key to our presence in the African market in upcoming years.

The Middle East and Africa textile market have very high potential and we have had many visitors and customers from Iran, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria, etc. during the exhibition. We hope to be able to respond well to the needs of this market with our business partners in the region.

Loptex interview ITM 2022
Right: Mr Renato Gerletti – Loptex Company / Left: Mr. Behnam Ghasemi – Kohan Textile Journal

what is your idea about the post-Corona era for the textile industry?

The post-Corona era will be very dynamic for the textile industry and the great enthusiasm of companies, investors, machine builders, etc. for trade and business development will mark a real renaissance in the textile industry.

In particular, this renaissance is rapidly taking shape in the production of environmentally friendly and recycled products and textile machinery, and our company is also a leader in this field. Our goal is not only to introduce new technologies but also to create new horizons in this industry, ideas that are far beyond creativity and will change the future of this industry.

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