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Zimmer: Ready to support you, challenge us

ZIMMER AUSTRIA Digital Printing Systems is the technology and machinery expert when it comes to digital printing of military camouflage fabrics and webbings.

A large variety of substrates incl. polyamide, polyester, cellulosic, special fibers and various blends such as m-Aramide, p-Aramide, TwaronTM, KermelTM, NomexTM, ConexTM KevlarTM or LenzingTM FR based end-products can be printed with COLARIS and COLARIS-NF digital printers.

ZIMMER AUSTRIA will not only be the machine manufacturer and supplier, but can also assist with the required knowhow for IR-reflectance control for fabrics being used to produce uniforms, FR-products for special forces, bulletproof vests, rain protection, ponchos, nettings tents, carrying systems, sleeping bags, parachutes as well as all kinds of webbings incl. hook & loop quick-fix-and-release products etc.

Patterns & Colors must match the environment of a combat area which may include wood- lands, urban terrains, deserts, snow or marine surroundings and may include conventional, digital and multicam patterns.

Color Fastness: good to excel- lent fastness to light, rubbing and washing must be matched.
IR-reflectance control is the most important feature for camouflage fabrics. It ensures that forces can ́t be detected by night vision devices in dark environment.

At the same time the L*a*b values of specified colors must be in a very close range to remain well camouflaged in daylight. IRR-Control Technology has been developed for digital printing by ZIMMER AUSTRIA and the know- how is available together with COLARIS and COLARIS-NF Digital Camouflage Printing Systems.

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