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Top Three Companies Producing Denim Fabric in Iran

Top Three Companies Producing Denim Fabric in Iran

In the cities of Nîmes in France and Genoa in Italy, denim was first made as workwear. This fabric’s moniker, “de nimes,” or “from the city of Nimes,” was inspired by the French city of Nimes, where denim production first began. The use of denim cloth become more widespread throughout time.

Denim trousers are now one of the most common things in every man’s or woman’s wardrobe because they can be worn in practically any setting and for any activity. The most noticeable characteristic of denim fabric is that the warp yarn is dyed with an indigo color while the weft yarn remains white.

Given their comfort and affordability, denim products continue to be in demand. Some well-known Iranian companies are producing high-quality denim fabrics to meet the need of the domestic market, which are introduced in the following essay.

• Par Textile



صفحه اصلی

The first manufacturer of denim fabrics in Iran is the Par Textile Company. It is located in Saeen Qale City, Zanjan Province, with two subsets in Hamedan and Ilam City. Par Textile Group employs over a thousand people to produce a wide range of denim textiles in a variety of colors and designs.

The Par Textile Group produces high-quality goods that meet all applicable international requirements. The most cutting-edge equipment allows the company to generate 2,000,000 meters of fabric per month.

• Khoy


The Khoy textile factories were founded in 1984 with funding from the Bank of Industry and Mine with the goal of employing about a thousand people, and annual production of 4300 tons of yarn and 10 million meters of finished woven fabrics. The proposal to produce denim fabric was researched in 1998, and the necessary machinery was acquired from renowned German businesses in 1999.

The Khoy business is currently one of Iran’s top suppliers of premium denim fabrics. The factory is situated in the province of West Azerbaijan. One of the unique characteristics of Khoy textile factories is their proximity to the nation’s export borders, which facilitates the export of their products.


• Yazdbaf



One of Iran’s greatest and biggest textile companies, Yazdbaf creates a range of textile goods, such as denim textiles, bed sheets, curtains, and blankets. It is now on the threshold of its seventh decade of activity in the country’s textile industry.

This business, which currently employs more than 1000 people, operates one of the biggest textile factories in the Middle East, using cutting-edge equipment from reputable European manufacturers, as well as the best raw materials. A significant portion of the factory’s output is exported to Germany, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and France, and this business is happy to have received recognition as an exceptional exporter on several occasions.




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