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Top Textile Companies in Turkmenistan

Textile Industry in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan’s textile industry is growing at a rapid pace and is increasingly attracting foreign investors. Turkmenistan’s primary trading partners in the textile sector include Georgia, Turkey, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation, China, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Most Turkmenistan’s manufactured goods are currently exported to the CIS nations, Europe, Asia, as well as other nations across the world. Textiles made in Turkmenistan are imported by nations like the USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Turkey, and Italy.

To carry out the duties assigned by the President of Turkmenistan, a sector-wide comprehensive program of production and technical re-equipment of textile businesses and the development of new industries based on local natural resources has been devised. By manufacturing a wide range of locally produced, high-quality items at competitive prices, the program will enable the reduction of the import.

Up to 2025, more than $300 million is expected to be set aside for the execution of more than 30 textile-related projects. The planned actions will enable Turkmenistan’s textile industry to constantly upgrade its machinery and technology, both for new production and existing output.

The country’s economy should benefit from measures taken to expand the textile industry by raising the sector’s degree of development and local textiles’ competitiveness on the international market.

Along with the use of the newest technology, the textile sector places a high priority on raising product quality and ensuring that it complies with regulations regarding environmental safety. Natural materials have traditionally been used by the domestic industry, which makes them appealing to international brands.


Top Textile Companies in Turkmenistan

The introduction of cutting-edge production techniques and technologies has enabled Turkmenistan’s textile industry to produce high-quality textile goods that are competitive in any global market. The following section introduces a few of Turkmenistan’s leading textile manufacturers.

• Yenish

In Turkmenistan, Yenish is among the top producers of shirts for men and kids. To meet consumer and market demands, it manufactures clothing composed of cotton, silk, and cotton-polyester fibers that is of the highest quality, comfortable, and affordable.

The company’s production facilities are outfitted with cutting-edge machinery from top manufacturers in Russia, China, Germany, and Japan. A mobile application from Yenish Garment Factory has been released for smartphones and tablets, making it simpler for customers to select and purchase products.

• Gala

The Gala textile group is named after Hero of Turkmenistan Atamyrat Niyazov and is located in Geokdepe. It was constructed and put into operation in 1995.

The group houses factories for spinning, weaving, dyeing, and sewing. Gala has a yearly manufacturing capacity of 2700 ready-made clothes, 4700 tons of knitted fabrics, and 4900 tons of cotton yarn. T-shirts, polo shirts, jumpers, sportswear, coats, trousers, shorts, pajamas, etc. are among the company’s offerings.

• Turkmenbashi Jeans

With almost 30 years of experience, Turkmenbashi Jeans manufactures high-quality cotton yarns, denim fabric, and denim textiles. Children, men, and adults can all wear Turkmenbashi jeans. The business includes factories for spinning, weaving, dyeing, and ready-to-wear outfitted with cutting-edge European and Japanese textile machinery.

The complex has a total area of 21.5 hectares, and yearly produces 9 thousand tons of yarn, 17,000 square meters of fabric, and 1 million 875 thousand cotton items. Turkmenbashi exports its goods to countries including the United States, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, etc.The Turkmenbashi group places a high priority on the output’s quality and adherence to safety regulations for the environment. The company has certifications for “Production management and quality control system,” “Environmental protection,” and “Protection of labor rights and technical safety in the firm” under the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001, respectively.


• Ruhabat

Modern technology is used at the Ruhabat Textile company, which includes yarn spinning, dying, and printing facilities. A total of 1,200 people are employed at the plant, which occupies an area of 110,000 m2. The spinning and dyeing facilities were launched in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

The business sells textile products including tablecloths and head scarves in addition to yarn and fabric. Currently, the Ruhabat Textile company sends its goods to countries including Canada, the US, Russia, Sweden, the UK, Germany, France, Turkey, and Italy.

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