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melt-sminning machinery :: Interview with Mohammad Ali Zare Manager of STIM Group

The knowledge of melt-sminning machinery production be indigenous in the country

melt-sminning machinery :: Interview with Mohammad Ali Zare Manager of STIM Group

KJT: Please gave a detailed description about Iranian Shouka company  and activities of the company to our readers, we’ll be grateful.

Mr.Zare: Iranian Shouka knowledge-based company in 1391(2012) based on its management team’s experiences and research in the textile industry has been established in Iran.


The company’s goal is localization of production of melt-spinning machines and related equipment in Iran.

Currently the company focused on the design and production BCF & CF yarn lines and so far managed to sell several full line to various companies in the country as well as outside the country. Yazd and Isfahan, are using the highest volume the company’s  machines, and countries like Uzbekistan are used this machines too.

All parts of the machines, such as Dosing, Extruder, Spinneret, Jet texturing and Winder are produced in the company and has the company’s registered patented design and the brand is STIM Group.

KJT: Your company start working in the field of designing, manufacturing and implementation melt spinning fiber line. According to the first year of your activity, at that time we did not have a good economic situation in the country, how did it start?

Research activity in order to design and construction of different parts of the BCF machine such as jet, started since 1386 (2007) and after several years of additional
research as well as sales to several local companies, finally the company in question established in 1391 (2012) and the main task of this company that’s mean full line production getting Started. At first besides the poor economic situation, and also domestic manufacturers didn’t receive an enthusiastic of Iranian products, forced to personal investments and also extreme risk for the sale and create a sense of confidence in our buyers, fortunately, after a short time could get favorable comments from all of our buyers.

KJT: Technology is wholly owned by Iran or also get help from other countries engineering and science?

Mr.Zare: Naturally, knowledge of melt-spinning machines is a registered international knowledge, and we, like other countries and as well as international companies, benefited from this global knowledge and we were able to design and produce it in the country. The current project taking by Iranian youth and using global knowledge.

KJT: How was the manufacturer welcoming About this technology?

Mr.Zare: Domestic producers welcomed the similar foreign products, for reasons of having customs exemptions, public exchange is even more massive loan, so at this stage, they prefer to import foreign products and use more benefit of the facilities. Competition in this space is somewhat more difficult for domestic manufacturers, which we hope will be gradually attracted the attention of authorities.

KJT: Except you, which competing companies are In this area and how is your competitive environment with them?

Currently, Several countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Turkey and China are making and selling these machines and domestically, we are the first and only manufacturer of this product. Currently and according to the customers opinion, the product in terms of quality is comparable with similar foreign samples.

KJT: Do you have any idea about export in this field?

Mr.Zare: Of course, one of the company’s goals is focusing on exporting this device to the countries in the region and we are sure that the market will be very good and the company has also planned in this regard.

KJT: Despite the potential in the country for production and become the hub in the region and the world but still we have not been very successful in the global market. What are the obstacles and reasons in your opinion?

Mr.Zare: There are many reasons in this matter and can not easily be commenting. But the what is evident, Iran also focus on specific product and global approach and this process supported by the government and the people, and signs of the emergence in the region is visible in the coming years.

KJT: What are the cotton production quality of your devices in terms of elegance and strength property?

Mr.Zare: Product quality in terms of final features including strength, elegance, uniformity and stability and performed in laboratories with the intended standards the results are very desirable. In fact the company currently is associated with their buyers every month and examined all of their comments and suggestions and and in most cases the quality of the yarn be tested, so if there is a problem can be remedied.

KJT: currently, what percentage of your devices are Iranian (domestic)? What parts entered from other countries?

Mr.Zare: Product line devices are a combination of internal and external machines. But all parts of the BCF machine except for electromotors and intermingle designed and produced within the company.

KJT: In terms of price and quality do you have the ability to compete with foreign and Chinese competitors?

Mr.Zare: It is comparable in terms of quality and we can say that the final product the BCF yarn has many features desirable. But in terms of price, frankly we are much better and in this field and can be said that we are the first in the region. Our machines with similar examples on average 40% lower price is prepared in the country. In this regard, even China can not deal with us. However, It depends on the Iranian industrialists trust, that embrace the device, until this device could find its place like the rest of companies in the domestic market.


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