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Iran's Machine-made Carpet Industry Flourishing
Iran's Machine-made Carpet Industry Flourishing

Iran’s Machine-made Carpet Industry Flourishing

Renovation of  Iran`s Machine-made Carpet Industry

Any industry should keep pace with technology, so this renovation is naturally a sine qua non for survival.

If we were supposed to continue the machine-made carpet industry with the same technology as that of 30 years ago, it would have been impossible to compete in the market due to 1st the cost price and 2nd the volume of production. Therefore, this renovation is necessary for the industry. In the machine-made carpet industry, too, this is vital, and has, fortunately, materialized to a large extent.

The different machines that are currently used in Iran are among the best and state- of- the art. The process will continue and modern ones, which have higher speed and diversity in terms of production, will replace worn-out and out-dated machines. Thus, we will be able to keep pace with other rivals.


Machine-made Carpet Standard and Quality

I am pleased to inform you that today Iran’s carpet industry enjoys high standards due to intense competition among producers. There are even some machine-made carpet companies that have excelled the standards set by Iran National Standard and this competition is underway. Today, Iran’s machine-made carpet is among the world best carpets.

Expertise and Technical know-how

We have almost no shortcomings in technical know-how, just as currently the BCF yarn produced in Iran is no less than that of  Turkey. We even export our products to Turkey.
Our products also meet global standards and for that’s why we are capable of competing with other countries provided that the producers can reduce the cost price and costs for an intense competition.

Relative Advantages

Iran main advantage over many of rival countries is our rich resources for producing raw materials. As a matter of fact , we can achieve the status of a superpower in the field of polypropylene, polyester and other lower products given the establishment of petrochemical factories in our country.

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