Iran’s handwoven carpet export unchanged despite coronavirus epidemic

Iran’s handwoven carpet export unchanged despite coronavirus pandemic

The head of Iran National Carpet Center said despite all the sanctions and the coronavirus outbreak, the export of handwoven Iranian carpet has not decreased.

In 2019, the entire valude of the exported handwoven carpets to the world stood at 800 million dollars, 73 million dollars of which was the share of Iran, Farahnaz Rafe’ told IRNA.

Hoping that the current policies will guarantee Iran’s sustainable leadership role in this are-industry, Rafe’ referred to some difficulties in selling handwoven carpets under the pressure of sanctions and the spread of the coronavirus.

Referring the plans to complete the production chain of handwoven carpets in Iran, she said Golestan Province, northern Iran, is to pilot the plan. It will be started soon.

She also said that the wool produced in certain Iranian counties, like Zabol, eastern Iran, has the same quality as the one taken from Australia’s merino breed.

She also said that in the coronavirus time, an online exhibit is being organized.

She went on to say that more than 1,200,000 people are directly and indirectly engaged in the production of handwoven carpets, which is programmed to double, adding from among the above-mentioned number, more than 191,500 people are professionally-engaged in the production.

There are about 103 carpet weaving complexes, 5,021 centralized and non-centralized workshop, 1,923 cooperatives, and 40,933 corporations in this art-industry in Iran.

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