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How to Connect Fashion and Aviation?

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Keyvan Aviation started its business in aero fashion in luxury part of aviation and looks to create a new environment for the airlines and air operators to provide their crew members with a new comfortable, stylish and fashionable uniform.

Bringing all services from a to z under one roof and providing a hassle-free total solution for the airline’s industry and mixing the beauty and power of fashion in the aviation industry was our aim while we were creating our company.

Aviation industry all over the world is affected by coronavirus (COVID 19) unfortunate situation. Since early this year, wide lockdowns, stopped travellings, empty airports and aeroplanes and huge damage for the aviation industry and hospitality caused by this situation.

Airlines need to find a way to bring trust back to the people to start travelling again.


As a company trying to connect fashion and aviation and running aero fashion division, we are trying our best to create something useful and supportive for these difficult days, working long and hard during very challenging times. We finally reached an idea to create airlines crew antibacterial uniform.

The uniform including safety features of the fabric and whole body cover with its design will provide a higher level of protection to the crews.

While virus and bacteria are able to leave and transfer on fabric, we used new technology to stop moving the bacteria and virus on our design uniform. This will help protect the crew from carrying virus and bacteria by themselves from areas to aeroplanes.

All of the international airlines around the world are our potential customers, and our marketing team is working closely to offer our product to airlines and airport industry.

The normal practice for airlines’ industry is to communicate with a fashion designer and pay for their design ideas and take this design to the textile and production companies to produce and arrange for delivery. With our a to z services, we will provide all in one package to our customer in airlines, air operators and airport companies and they will not need to look after few different divisions and players. This way, they will save cost.

After covid pandemic, and since May 2020, some airlines started to use medical gowns or one time disposable covers for their cabin crews to be worn on top of their uniforms. By this way, they are paying for huge amounts of disposable covers which cannot be used again.

Also, they will put an extra layer and will make difficulties for the cabin crews’ daily routine jobs. Also, more importantly, hiding the beauty of their uniforms under these white covers. While the airlines’ company culture is hidden under these covers, we should also think about sustainability and cost imposed to the airlines which -at the end of the day- they will throw out.


Having an elegant and good uniform is very important for the airlines in terms of hospitality. Reference to the recent passenger survey by IATA confirming that the most important factor for passengers during the flight is the crew’s behaviour and look. By reviewing the passenger comments about new looks of cabin crew, we find they feel as if they are in the hospital environment and are nervous during the flight.

Offering a colourful and good looking antibacterial uniform which is tested by ISO 18184 standard and is washable, is a right solution and correct answer for these requirements. Helping airlines to come back to nice-looking days, sharing their company colours and culture, and having happy customers, and most importantly keeping their crew members safe, is the benefit of this product.
Using 97% cotton in our fabric will give the crew comfort during the day. Also, breathability, being skin-friendly and slim fit is a part of our design.


Our inhouse design team is working to provide a full set of accessories to match our designed uniforms. Having shoes, bag, foulard, mask, and hat, is a part of each collection. Keeping functionality and safety as well as considering all important and required features for airlines crew is an important benefit of our product. Using real leather, alarm free, antistatic, and antiskid features for shoes and having a very user-friendly organizer inside the bag, will help the crew members have a wonderful duty day and easy access to their belongings.

We strongly believe that each uniform should tell a story about airlines culture, colour taste, and present the operating country. To achieve this goal, our design team will work closely with each airline to understand their taste and find out their operation, and take care about the area of operation in terms of temperature, weather, humidity and will come up with the right design to keep them happy.

We have our own quality management system set up and operated based on ISO as well as aviation standards and regulations, and all of our suppliers need to be approved and will be monitored by our in-house quality management system.


Dealing with an accredited laboratory, both Turkey and internationally will help us to proceed as fast as possible to test our product in a short time and provide the result to our customer.

Turkey is one of the world’s fashion destinations. There are a lot of opportunities about fabric and production and Keyvan Aviation is proud to present a wholly Turkish made cabin crew airline antibacterial uniform to the world of aviation. We are working very hard to improve our product and design and looking to play a small role to support the aviation industry and keep the crew safe and happy.

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