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CPM Moscow-kohan journal

Know More About… The Largest Fashion Fair for Eastern Europe

interview with Christian Kasch
Member of CPM Board  – CPM Project Director International

CPM Moscow-middle east textile journal
1. Could you please let us know more about CPM Exhibition, last year statistics and success story and next edition in 2021?
Since the first event in September 2003, CPM Moscow has developed into the most important and largest fashion fair for Russia & Eastern Europe.

At the last fair in February 2020, we had around 1,300 international and Russian brands, which were presented to around 21,300 trade visitors for ordering. In fact, CPM is still a real working/ordering fair, which our exhibitors really need to generate their sales in these countries. We are currently in the planning for 2021.


CPM Moscow

2. How do you evaluate COVID 19 Pandemic effects on textile exhibitions industry all around the world?
I think it is a big disaster for everyone, and nobody last year would have imagined what far-reaching consequences such a pandemic would have for the entire fashion industry. Even for us as organizers, everything has suddenly been reduced to zero, because trade fairs and major events have been banned. The fashion market will change completely and unfortunately, many fashion brands will not survive this economic crisis, which will of course also affect fashion fairs in the future

3. Could you please let us know about other textile events organize by your company?
Besides exhibitions in Moscow, we are also organizing two events in Duesseldorf: Gallery FASHION and Gallery SHOES.
Due to the current ban of exhibitions and events for Germany until end of August, both shows will take place onetime together at AREAL BÖHLER – certainly under consideration of all hygienic regulations.

CPM Moscow-Russia

4. What do you think about the Middle East and Africa textile market and its potentials?

Frankly speaking, I am not very well informed about these markets, because I’ve never been travelling to these regions to learn more about it. At CPM we had a small national pavilion from South Africa where I saw some designers and collections with a big potential for the international market.

We had also a meeting with representatives of the SA Footwear and Leather Export Council (SAFLEC), who were interested in cooperation with us to create something like the CPM in South Africa. Unfortunately, this project was never realized.
Two years ago, Messe Düsseldorf starts planning to have a fashion exhibition in Iran together with Igedo Company. Due to the political situation and the related trade restrictions the project was initially put on hold.

CPM Moscow-interview

5. How many exhibitors or visitors you have from the MENA Region and what is your plan for promoting better your events in the region?

Unfortunately, we had no exhibitor and no visitor from this region. We had one exhibitor registration from Iran who booked a booth but cancelled it because of sanctions on money transfers. We would be glad to welcome some brands or to have national pavilions from your countries.

For a successful business, it is crucial to have a Russian, who knows the market, speaks the language and know the retailers. But they can exhibit to find some, or use our AGENCY WANTED service.

6. How do you evaluate textile exhibitions industry in post COVID period?
It will definitely be different. Everyone will act and work more thoughtfully and carefully.
And maybe everyone has a plan B.

Many companies may not exist anymore, also some will consider where to produce their goods. I just hope that every country and every person implements the security measures, and will do them longer than necessary.

Nobody wants to get a second lockdown and a “never-ending-story” of Corona. In the fashion industry in particular, the economy goes down immediately if something is wrong. Fashion is the barometer of the whole economy, and our business is usually the first to be affected.

Christian Kasch-Member of CPM Board  - CPM Project Director International-CPM Moscow
7. What is your plan for gallery shoes and fashion at the end of august? As you know many exhibitions cancel exhibitions, what is your plan to organize the show with all safety protocols?

Gallery FASHION & Gallery SHOES will be the first exhibition of the fashion branch. It is also the first time that these two fairs are held together at the AREL BÖHLER. We are confident that this will be exciting for everyone to find the complete fashion range under one roof. The gallery SHOES exhibitors, as well as the ones of gallery FASHION, have the opportunity to find new clients and retailers can expand their range by including shoes or garments.

cpm moscow
I wish all readers that they will come well over this difficult time. We would be very happy to help companies from the MENA region with our fairs in Russia like CPM Moscow, s’elections Moscow 2020, and our fairs in Germany like Gallery FASHION and Gallery SHOES to expand their business at these fairs and in these countries.

We would be pleased to receive some inquiries from there. The Igedo Company helps and supports as best as it can.


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