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Garment exporters to exhibit at Denimsandjeans Vietnam

The fourth edition of Denimsandjeans Vietnam, which is scheduled for June 12-13, 2019, in Ho Chi Minh City, has released the list of exhibitors. Over 40 denim companies from 10 countries will exhibit at the event, which will also have participation of several reputed garment exporters. Two design houses from China will also be present at the show.

Five garment exporters from Vietnam—TCE Vina Denim, T&T Garments, Navi Jeans, Resource Garments, and Knit Indigo—will exhibit their A/W 20/21 collections at the show.

“Vietnam has gained more importance in the last few months not only because of business treaties including Europe-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), but also due to ongoing tariff trade war between China and the US,” the event organisers said in a press release.

For China, Vietnam seems to be a good market, as it is facing heat from the US due to increased duties, and also due to the rising labour cost there. Leading denim fabric suppliers from China and Hong Kong, including Prosperity, Blackpeony, Foison Textile, XDD Textile, Chanzhou Thome Textile, Zhejiang Xinlan Textile, and Guangzhou Indenim Textile are participating in the next month’s event. Prosperity Textile has recently built a factory in Vietnam and has started operation.

India has also got a great advantage as its fabric has only 7.5 per cent duty in Vietnam. Further, the duty is expected to cut in the coming time due to good diplomatic relationship between the two countries. From India, Arvind Limited, KG Fabriks, Bhaskar Denim, Anubha Industries, Malwa and Ramsons are exhibiting at the show.


Vietnam is one of the most strategically growing markets for Pakistan as well, as it has been increasing its exports to the US. From Pakistan, the show will have Artistic Milliners, Kassim Denim, Crescent Bahuman, Soorty, Indigo Textile and US Denim Mills would be showcasing their products at the show. All these companies have been catering to some of the most niche denim brands/retailers including Levis, H&M, Tesco, Inditex, C&A, PVH, GAP and Li & Fung.


Turkish denim mill Kilim Denim is going to launch its special 1986 collection at the show, while JS.Viet from Vietnam will present its special A/W 20/21 collection at the show. Sri Lankan chemical manufacturer S and D Chemicals will showcase its range of sustainable chemicals at the show.

Apart from fabric and garments, the show will have the presence of leading industrial thread supplying company Coats, which is going to launch some special innovation at the show. The participation of accessories suppliers including Copen United, Swarovski, Polsan Buttons, and Kwong Ngai complete the presence of all the stakeholders from denim supply chain.

The show this time will also witnesses two design houses—Ciecro Design and DNA1964—from China showcasing their latest denim design.


A special traditional fashion show, Ao dai Denim Show, has also been scheduled on the very first day in the evening. It will bring the traditional dresses of Vietnam in the denim form.

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