Caption: Wim Coppens, Vice President of Beaulieu Flooring Solutions. (Photo: Beaulieu International Group)

Beaulieu Flooring Solutions poised to step up innovation and sustainability focus through 2021

• Stronger innovation focus across all customer segments

• Vice President Wim Coppens committed to bringing added value through product leadership and sustainability

• 2021 acceleration of investment in response to key design, environment and technology trends

Wielsbeke, Belgium – April 13, 2021 – Beaulieu Flooring Solutions, a business unit of the Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.), is ready to build from strong sales results in 2020 to deliver flooring that answers design, functional and sustainability demands in 2021 and beyond.

Wim Coppens, Vice President of Beaulieu Flooring Solutions since January 2020, is looking forward to announcing multiple new products and investments through 2021 as part of on-going growth to enhance production capabilities and be at the forefront of the flooring industry transition towards more sustainable resilient and hard flooring solutions.

Caption: Wim Coppens, Vice President of Beaulieu Flooring Solutions.
(Photo: Beaulieu International Group)

Over the past five years, B.I.G. has significantly invested in expanding manufacturing capacity in key regions. Examples include the investment in a state of the art vinyl plank plant in its Wielsbeke site (BE), opening of a second vinyl roll production line in Kameshkovo (Russia) and an additional digital printing line in Žalec (Slovenia). This is in addition to its vinyl roll and -planks plants in Georgia (US), and a carpet plant in Acton Vale (Canada), as well as local on-the-ground service, to strengthen its support for customers in this significant flooring market.

A focus on advanced digital printing in the hard and resilient flooring segment is opening up design possibilities that let Beaulieu Flooring Solutions respond quickly and flexibly to consumer trends and lifestyle priorities. Research and development in the area of functional and sustainable flooring options has increased. Rewind carpet – 100% polyolefin, latex-free and fully recyclable – is a prime example of the company’s commitment to keep flooring away from landfill. Teams work closely across its segments and the rest of Beaulieu International Group to focus on product development in a circular economy direction.

Wim Coppens comments: “Beaulieu Flooring Solutions has a strong basis for growth, and I’m excited to be at the helm of a business very much committed to its customers’ needs, focused on bringing added value through product leadership and sustainability that considers full product life cycle.

Beaulieu Flooring Solutions is a highly diversified producer and seller of flooring. We have shown our strength to be pandemic-proof and responsive – in fact we are known for our flexibility and service level orientation. I’m proud to say our employees have helped us react and adapt very positively and with agility to the industry’s current raw material and supply challenges to minimize production impacts for existing and new customers. Around the world, lifestyles have changed, and expectations and demands too as a result. All eyes now are on the future and delivering inspiring, creative solutions that answer the key trends impacting each of our individual segments.”

Beaulieu International Group

Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.) is a global specialist in raw chemical materials (polymers), semi-finished engineered products (yarns, fibres, technical textiles and technical sheets) and is a leader in a broad range of floor coverings for the residential and commercial markets (vinyl rolls, vinyl planks, laminate, parquet, carpet, needle felt, artificial grass and mats) as well as upholstery fabrics.

Headquartered in Belgium, B.I.G. employs nearly 4,700 people across 29 plants, 20 sales and distribution offices, with a major presence in 17 countries all over Eurasia, the Americas and Oceania. The company achieved a 2020 turnover of €1.8 billion and is serving 16,000 customers in 140 countries. True to its roots as a family business, B.I.G. puts sustainability, innovation and care for its employees central.



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