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Mask production-Nothing runs without textile machinery

12 Turkish Companies Kick-Off Manufacturing of Masks machinery

After the COVID-19 pandemic, 12 Turkish companies will start manufacturing mask machines for the production of essential face masks.

12 Turkish Companies Kick-Off Manufacturing of Masks

According to the news released on Dünya Newspaper; 12 companies from Turkey have joined their efforts to manufacture machinery for mask production. These companies and their names involving Ledmak Machinery, Robotech Machinery, Özbilim Machinery, Baysonic Machinery, Uygurlar Machinery, Akay Machinery, Sonic Machinery, Sonimak Machinery, Sonicsan Ultrasonic Systems, Uygur Machinery, Demirbilek Machinery and Ride Technology.

The COVID-19 outbreak that has shaken the world has increased the demand for the face mask. Turkish companies that have seen this tremendous change also taking action for the manufacture of mask machines. Industry representatives stated that the demand for the face mask has increased and that they will start exporting to world regions soon.

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“It Is Imported From China with Prices above Its Market Value”

Covidien-19 epidemic that gives way to new areas of production and within this period, President of Temsan Adil Nalbant mentioned about the successful adaptation by Turkey and said, “In addition to the companies that have been manufacturing in this field for many years, many new ones have started to manufacture masks. These imported from China with prices well above their market values.’’

Adil Nalbant stated that one-to-one meetings were held with 12 companies, including TEMSAD members and said the following, “6 of these companies stated that they were able to manufacture fully automatic mask machines at high capacities. In this way, each company will be able to produce an average of 30 machines per month. ”

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