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Cambodia tap growth in exports to USA

10 apparel categories of Cambodia tap growth in exports to USA in 2020!

Cambodia has been able to perform positively in its apparel exports to USA during January-June ’20 period!

The country surged by 3.44 per cent on Y-o-Y basis to clock US $ 1.24 billion from its apparel exports to USA as compared to US $ 1.20 billion in the same period of 2019.

There are at least 10 apparel product categories which have seen growth this year and that’s something Cambodia can look forward to continuing in the second half of 2020.


Cotton trousers export from Cambodia to USA noted 5.14 per cent growth in H1 ’20 and clocked US $ 235.83 million. Export of nightwear (both cotton and MMF made) also upped by 31.20 per cent and hit US $ 96.74 million.

Blue denim apparel has been a profitable category for Cambodia lately and, in 2020, it saw a significant surge of 39.52 per cent to value US $ 64.03 million. The growth continued even in brassieres which increased by 35.67 per cent in its exports to USA and clocked US $ 19.22 million revenue.

The coveralls saw a huge demand in 2020 due to a massive outbreak of COVID-19 and the exports of the same picked pace, especially in the second quarter for most of the Asian hubs.

Cambodia tap growth in exports to USA

However, the growth noted in coveralls export for Cambodia was minuscule (0.75 per cent) but still it’s a positive one. In coverall exports to USA, Cambodia earned US $ 13.78 million.

Non-knit blouses also fared quite well from Cambodia and saw a growth of 25.62 per cent in its exports to USA and hit US $ 21.10 million.

The other apparel products which noted Y-o-Y surge are: Skirts – US $ 15.31 million (up 27.68 per cent); non-knit shirts – US $ 11 million (up 0.62 per cent); wool sweaters – US $ 275,000 (up 5141 per cent) and MMF sweaters – US $ 1.40 million (up 82.76 per cent).

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