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Uzbekistan President pays a second visit to Litai

On January 29th 2018, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat M. Mirziyoyev, Vice Prime Minister of Uzbekistan OYBEK, accompanied by the President of Uzbekistan Textile Association ILKHOM U.KHAYDAROV and Chairman of Qashqadaryo Investment Committee NODIR , visited LT Textile International located in Karshi City, Qashqadaryo Province. This is the second visit of the Uzbekistan President to LT Textile International since February 24th 2017.
Pan Xueping, the Chairman of Jinsheng Group, warmly welcomed Mr. President, and introduced the 2nd phase project of LT Textile International on site. Shavkat M. Mirziyoyev, President of Uzbekistan, expected more investments from Chinese Entrepreneurs and further create more employments and foreign exchange through export.

On the same day, the leaders of Uzbekistan were present at the ground breaking ceremony for the phase 2 project of LT Textile International. Afterwards, they visited the modern factory of 1st phase project guided by Pan Xueping, the Chairman of Jinsheng Group. The factory equipped with complete sets of spinning machineries standing for most advanced technology and automatic standards of the world. With high-end product oriented, LT Textile International introduced in modern production management philosophy, and strengthened the employee skill and professional quality comprehensively in order to build a modernized textile enterprise with high efficiency, ecology, intelligence and cycling.


LT Textile International held the ground breaking ceremony of the 1st phase 120,000 combed compact spinning spindles project on July 28th 2015. It has successfully realized the operation and production in July 2017 with annual output of 22,000 tons of cotton yarn. Most of the products are exported abroad and have a business income exceeding 70 million USD. So far there are more than 700 local employees working in the factory, including over 60 people who have received an internship training in Litai Silk Road located in Xinjiang, China.

LT Textile International make contribution to the economy development of Uzbekistan by providing large number of local employment, foreign exchange earnings through product export, tax payment and leading transformation and upgrading of the local textile garment industry. Moreover, LT Textile International actively takes the social responsibility to support local employee’s career training and development. In 2017, LT Textile International dedicated into local social benefits, building a positive enterprise citizen image with donation of 200 million UZS to Uzbekistan Children Sports Development Fund..

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