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Top 5 Carpet yarn manufacturers in Iran

Iranians were the first to weave carpets and rugs, and their art is world-famous. Over time, they also found their place in the international market of machine-made carpets.

Like other textile products, raw material plays a pivotal role in the quality of machine-made rugs. In this way, the yarn quality determines the durability and quality of machine-made carpets.



Some powerful Iranian factories are producing high-quality yarns to use in flooring applications, including machine-made rugs. In the following essay, the top five Carpet yarn manufacturers for machine-made carpets are introduced.

Sach Yarn is formed by the development of Sanie Avar Shimi Company. Sanie Avar Shimi Company was established in 1997 and started importing chemical raw materials. In 2004, after several years of commercial activity, the company decided to change, and various industries such as chemical, polymer, packaging, and textile were reviewed. Finally, the textile industry was selected due to its comparative advantages over other sectors. Especially the supply of raw materials for the flooring industry and BCF yarn production was considered by investors. Finally, in 2011, the machines were purchased from Italian and German manufacturers, and the company’s activities entered a new field.

Over the years, with many changes made by the company’s R&D team, the production equipment has undergone many structural changes. Today, Sach yarn, an advanced and technological product of the scientific achievements of company managers and academic researchers, is ready to cover the complete needs of the flooring industry. Thus, the country does not need to import similar yarns. Sach Company offers a variety of yarns for the flooring industry, including machine-made carpets.

Elahiyeh Carpet Yarn

Elahiyeh Company started its activity in 1993 in the field of machine-made carpet production and launched the finishing sector of carpets in 1996. According to the experience of company directors and examining the needs of the market and industry, Elahiyeh Company decided to change its activity field. Therefore, in 2001, with the aim of meeting the needs of the country’s machine-made carpet industry, Elahiyeh Company entered the spinning industry of machine-made carpet yarns. Today, Elahieh Yarn Spinning Company is able to offer exceptionally high-quality yarns in a great variety of colors to the machine-made carpet industry, relying on specialists and an experienced workforce, as well as an advanced production line.

Vabel Riss

Vabel Riss Company is one of the largest yarn manufacturers for machine-made carpets in Iran. Vabel Riss Company was established in 1977 in Qom Province, Kashan Road, due to its vicinity to Kashan, as the center of the country’s machine-made carpet industry. Because of the desired quality of yarns, this company found its place in the carpet industry. Today, Vabel Riss, with a history of about 20 years, produces a variety of acrylic and polyester yarns for various machine-made carpets using the latest machines in the world. All products of this unit are continuously sampled in the company’s laboratory in accordance with the national standard of Iran.

Alvan Zar Ris

Alvan Zar Ris company was established in 2002 in Natanz city to create employment in the region, develop the country’s economy, and eliminate the market shortage in acrylic yarn. This company produces various acrylic yarn for the machine-made carpet industry by advanced machinery. This technology needed technical and trained staff. Therefore, foreign experts trained and transfer technical knowledge to employees to produce quality goods worthy of Iranian dignity. Besides, the company succeeded in concluding a long-term contract to purchase high-quality raw materials from top global manufacturers.

Cork Yazd

Cork Yazd Company was established in 1991 with the aim of supplying a part of the country’s need for machine-made carpet yarn in desirable quality and various colors. This company was able to be recognized as one of the best yarn producers for machine-made carpets in a short period by offering products according to customers’ opinions not only in Yazd but also in other provinces.

The main customers of Cork Yazd Company are the prominent producers of high-quality carpets. Consumers’ welcome and market demand prompted the company’s managers to produce yarns with various colors for embossed flower carpets in 2005. Yarns used for embossed flower carpets and wool yarn for machine-made carpets are among the products of Cork Yazd Company.

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