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Top 10 Machine-Made Carpet Producers in Iran

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Iran has a long history of producing stunning hand-made rugs, and hand-made Iranian rugs are eminent worldwide.

Today, in addition to hand-made carpet, machine-made carpet is also one of Iran’s textile industry’s most important and influential part.

There are some great factories producing high-quality machine-made rugs in Iran. In the following essay, the top 10 producers of machine-made carpets in Iran are introduced.

Mashhad Carpet

Mashhad Carpet Company is one of the largest manufacturers of machine-made carpets in Iran. The company started its activity in 1977 in Mashhad, with an annual production capacity of 240,000 square meters. Over the years, annual production increased to 2,400,000 square meters. This factory uses the high-quality fibers of the German company Dralon, the best dyes and chemicals of the most reputable factories in Europe, pure wool with the brand name of New Zealand Wool Organization, and natural silk yarn as the raw materials of its products.


Mashhad Carpet Company has always tried to be one of the pioneers in export. With its 19-year continuous presence in German Demotex, the most prestigious exhibition of flooring and machine carpet in the world has raised Iran’s renown.

Savin Carpet

Savin Carpet Company is the first manufacturer of 30-color and 60-color machine-made carpets in Iran. This company uses the best technology and modern machines in the world and is managing by experienced and specialized staff.


This company is a well-known exporter to 5 continents with more than a quarter of a century of experience. All Savin carpet products have the national standard of Iran and international quality management certificates ISO 9001-2008 and German BELCORO quality standard. Savin is also a member of the IQNET global quality network.

Gheytaran Carpet

Gheytaran Carpet, with more than thirty years of experience in the production of various types of machine-made carpets, started its activities with the vision of developing an integrated yarn to carpet production line on a 55,000 square meter land. It was recognized as the first producer of 1000 reed carpets in the world, and in 2015, with the production of 1200 reed carpets with a density of 3600, it expanded its activities.


This group has always tried to improve its quality. As a result, it succeeded in receiving the OEKO-TEX standard in 2016 and became the only Iranian company certified in this standard. Gheytaran carpet in 2017 bought the first 1500 reed weaving machine and with the beginning of production of this product was introduced as the first manufacturer of 1500 reed carpet in the world. With a long history in export and development of international trade, this complex has been able to export its products to more than 67 countries. For the third consecutive year, it was honored to receive the national exporter award in 2018.

Setareh Kavir Group

The companies of Setareh Kavir Yazd Industrial Group are engaged in the production of colored fibers, acrylic yarn, polypropylene yarn, and machine-made carpets. Setareh Kavir Yazd Carpet and Khatere Kavir Carpet are machine-made carpet weaving companies in this group. Setareh Kavir Yazd carpet company, which was established in 1981, has always been among the best carpet producers since the beginning of its activity. Over the years, the company has introduced many innovations to the machine-made carpet industry and has gained the highest name in the Iranian market and a prestigious position in global markets.


Khatere Kavir Carpet Company was established in 1998 to develop the activities of the Setareh Kavir Yazd factory. Using the most modern and advanced machines, this company produces various machine-made carpets with different densities and different types of kilims. These products are offered in numerous sizes and colors to domestic and foreign markets.

Setareh Kavir Yazd Group is the inventor of the first generation of machine-made carpets globally, which are most similar to hand-made Iranian rugs. Setareh Kavir Group in 2015 presented a new collection called Naghsh Jahan, including carpets with 1000 reeds, 10 colors, and 2400000 yarn threads to the Iranian and foreign markets. The collection was displayed at the Domotex exhibition in Germany in 2016.


Khatereh Kashan Carpet

Khatereh Kashan Spinning and Weaving Group were established in 2005 in the center of Iranian machine-made carpet production, Kashan. This company is one of the largest production complexes in the region. It is able to produce various types of acrylic yarn and 1200 and 1500 reeds machine-made carpets with an annual production capacity of 576,000 square meters.


All the rugs of Khatereh Kashan company are produced from the best raw materials from Germany, Turkey, and South Korea. The quality stability, creative designs, and modern technology have made this company a continuous domestic and foreign supplier of machine-made carpets.

Negin Mashhad Carpet

Negin Carpet Company is one of the largest and most reputable manufacturers of machine-made carpets in Iran. This company was established in 1992, and its products are mainly high-quality machine-made carpets of 500, 700, 1000, and 1200 reeds in traditional and modern designs. Negin Carpet Company is known as the first and most prominent manufacturer of embossed flower carpets in the country.

Negin Mashhad Carpet

Mashhad Zomorod Carpet

Mashhad Zomorod Carpet Company was established in 1976. The current production capacity of this unit after three stages of development is more than 1,800,000 square meters. This company is currently a manufacturer of 320, 500, 640, and 700 reed carpets in various colors and designs. Advanced carpet weaving technology in Mashhad Zomorod Carpet factories is one reason for the quality of goods produced in this company. Currently, few factories in Iran have a variety of machines using in this company.

Mashhad Zomorod Carpet

Soloman Carpet

Soloman Carpet was established in 1982 in Isfahan, a city that artists consider the center of art and innovation, and people call it half of the world. This company started its activity by spinning yarn, which soon found its position in the market due to its very desirable quality. Then it expanded its activity and started the production of machine-made carpets in 1992. At the beginning of its fourth decade of action, it has taken firm steps in gaining a share of international markets.

Soloman Carpet

Almas Kavir Carpet

Almas Kavir Carpet Company is located in Kerman province. This company was established in 2006 to create employment and revive the original design of Kerman carpets, whose beauty is famous worldwide and embellishes the art museums of the world.


Almas Kavir company, with the efforts of its experts and managers, has been able to be one of the first manufacturers of 1500 reed carpets in the world. At present, with the completion of several development phases, the company is proud of being a reputable brand in the machine-made carpet industry of Iran.


Mahoor Carpet

Nima Baft Co. As A Machinery Carpet Manufacturer Was Founded In 1997 With The Aim Of Innovation, Exports And Employment In Kashan, Iran. This Company Has Started Its Activities By Using Modern And Newest Technology Of European Machinery And Quality Control Instrument Such As Technical Raw Material And Woven Products Laboratory. It Attempts To Improve Their Quality By Employing Professional And Knowledgeable Textile Experts.

Mahoor Carpet Has Always significant permanent presence in machine made Carpets factories by participating in 13 international exhibition in Iran and 6 international exhibition in Hannover, Germany under name of DOMOTEX-The World Of Flooring.

A quarter Century of experience in Production, Mahoor Carpet exports its Carpets in wide variety of designs , patterns and colors to the world.

Having collabration with technical and professional experts , Mahoor carpet has been awarded one of the highest honors in Standard by the ISIRISF (Administration of Standards of Isfahan ).
Also this company is a member of Association of Iran Textile Industries, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) .


Farrahi Carpet Group

Farrahi Carpet Group, consisting of 3 production units of Farrokh Sepehr Kashan Textile Company, Sepehr Kashan Carpet Company, and Atlas Ris Company, started its activity in 1990. This group is the first producer of 100% polyester filament yarn for the pile of machine-made carpets and is one of the most reputable companies producing machine-made rugs in Iran.


Over the years, Farrahi Carpet Group has been able to produce various high-density machine-made carpets in different designs and colors to meet the needs and tastes of customers by using the most advanced weaving technology in the world and benefiting from experienced specialists. The salient features of this group’s products include Lint-free, Non-allergic, resistant to abrasion, washing, and light, and texture similar to hand-woven carpets. Creativity and innovation in the production of new products is the key slogan of this group.

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