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Carpet Yarn Machines from MEERA Industries Ltd


Meera Industries Limited an ISO 9001 company is a renowned name in the field of Twisting, Cabling and Continuous Heat Setting Machines exporting to more than 26 countries.

Having a customer-centric approach, MEERA’s main design guiding principle has always been Energy optimization, High Productivity and Ease of Use.

Meera has an in-house R&D center recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) Known for innovating new twisting technologies we have a strong presence across the textile value chain like Carpets, FIBC, Packaging Yarns, Fishing Nets, Threads & Twine, Technical textile etc.

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Perfect Carpet yarn with Meera Machines 

Carpet Cabler / Twister and Continuous Bulking and heat setting are the prime products for the carpet yarn Industry. Other than these we have a range of other innovative twisting solutions which are customized based on individual needs. Some of them are TPRS Technology, Ring Twisting, Assembly winders etc.

Carpet Cabler/Twister

MEERA has been the leading manufacturer of Heavy Duty Cable / Twister machines for many years. Our twister has been used by the manufacturer of carpet and industrial yarns in India and abroad for premium quality Products

Model CT-260 Twister / Cabler is an Individual Tape Drive heavy-duty direct cabling / Twisting machine designed to run at a delivery speed up to 120 MPM.

Having a denier Range of 1200-12000, the machine is suitable for Polypropylene, Nylon and Polyester Multifilament and BCF Both. We also have versions for staple fibre twisting of Acrylic, Cotton etc.

The Machine is loaded with several features which add to high productivity, better production management, advanced reporting, quality control etc. We also have the option of assembling yarns up to 3 ply to make new hybrid yarns by mixing Polyester PP, Nylon, Acrylic etc.

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MeeraBAH is a Continuous Bulking and Heat Setting machine developed by MEERA to cater to the needs of the Bathmats and Rugs industry for SuperSoft High Bulk Polyester multifilament Yarns. In the last couple of years, this yarn has gotten huge popularity among rug and bath mats manufacturers in Turkey and Egypt.

Compared to other options for making such yarn MeeraBAH has advantages like low capital investment, Lowest cost of manufacturing per/ KG, low setup times etc. Based on Superheated steam technology, MeeraBAH comes with 4 tracks of 64 ends suitable to produce 4-5 Tons of Yarns /Day.

Having more than 90% market share of this quality In India we also have overseas installations.


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MEERA Presence in International Market

MEERA has been exporting its twisting machines to more than 26 countries.

We have been manufacturing Twisting and Cabling machines for more than 15 years now. After the successful installation of hundreds of spindles of its cabling and Twisting in India, we started exporting its carpet yarn machine in the last 3 Years.

Internationally, Our Carpet Yarn machines are successfully running in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and few others. Gradually we are eyeing even deeper penetration in these markets along with carpet manufacturing clusters in MENA regions like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan etc.

Meera participation in various exhibition

In order to reach our customers worldwide, we are constantly looking for opportunities to go as close as possible. Due to the Covid-19 situation, there were no exhibitions since the beginning of 2020. In the past, we were regularly present in Domotex Hannover, ITM Istanbul. Looking forward to being there as soon as everything normalizes.

7 Reasons Why MEERA Carpet Cabler / Twister

1. Comparable International Quality Machines
2. Innovative Forward Looking Technology
3. Saving upto 40% in Capital Cost
4. Automation Feature adding to low cost and better quality yarn package
5. Flexible in Customization as per customer requirements
6. Easy and Fast installation and commissioning
7. Excellent Customer Care



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