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Solomon Carpet, a world-renowned brand

Solomon Carpet ; a world-renowned brand

Interview with Saeed Monzavizadeh, CEO co Isfahan- Rasoul Co.

by Middle East Textile Journal

Rasoul Isfahan Industrial & Industrial Company, known as Solomon Carpet Brand in the world and domestically, is one of the largest and oldest brands of carpet production and has been able to export to many countries worldwide. 


This year, it also launched its latest products at an important event like Domotex Hanover with a 500 square meter booth. 

In this regard, we went to the Honorable Managing Director, Saeed Monzavizadeh, to discuss the goals and plans of the collection under their management for the Domotex Hannover Exhibition. The full text of the discussion is presented in more detail below.

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Give a brief overview of the company history, year of establishment, machinery and technology used, and your export success.

Rasoul Isfahan Manufacturing and Manufacturing Company was established in Isfahan on January 9th, 1991 and after manufacturing and completing and installing machinery in 1365, it started producing various types of carpet yarn production.

In the first place and for a short time due to its very good quality it established and consolidated its position with the brand of messenger yarn.

Solomon Carpet

Over time, with the experience and technical knowledge of yarn production and with the efforts of the shareholders, began to develop and complete different stages of production of used carpet yarn as well as production of carpet so that in 1992 production of carpet with  Modern technology was launched when the carpet and related products were introduced under the carpet brand Solomon.

At the beginning of its fourth decade of operation, the company, in addition to having more than 100 dealers nationwide, has taken steady steps in acquiring domestic and international markets with more than 50 dealers.

Isfahan Rasoul Isfahan Manufacturing & Industrial Company with full range of products range from dyeing, spinning, weaving to finishing as well as product distribution in distribution network which also includes “Solomon Carpet” chain stores in Iran and abroad  Can be directly present in the market and consumer preferences and views in this vertical structure are rapidly shifted from the consumer market to the design and production planning phase, focusing on market demand and accelerating consumer demand and demand.  As one of the success factors of this company.

Solomon Carpet designer group kohan textile journal

Other factors of Solomon’s success include the systematic loyalty, dedication and effort of its employees and cross-regional policy and customer-oriented customer-centric standards that have always focused on customer well-being and customer satisfaction throughout their economic lives.  There was planning of the directors and the board.

It is worth noting that the company continues to fulfil its mission of producing high-quality products to satisfy customers, by rebuilding and completing its production line with the most advanced machinery and technology in the world, using the highest quality raw materials purchased from Bayern Germany (Dralon).

In addition to producing acrylic yarn, it has been able to meet customers’ needs in a variety of knives, tops, polypropylene yarns as well as by producing wool, acrylic, polypropylene, polyester, carpet and other types of carpets.  The company has been chosen as one of the country’s green industry favourites, paying attention to protecting the environment by following environmental standards.

What products are produced in the Solomon rug collection?

  • Products manufactured in factories of Rasoul Isfahan Industrial & Industrial Co. are: Types of acrylic yarn with STAPLE and TOW fibers in grades 15 to 50, balers, shingles for the carpet industry.
  • Production of yarns: polyester, polypropylene with different grades through system and spinning process.
  • Production of different types of carpets with acrylic yarn, TOW, polyester, polypropylene in different grades.
  • Production of carpets of 350 combs, 700 combs, 1000 combs, 1200 combs and 1500 combs and 2000 combs of different density from 960 to 3600.

IRAN-Solomon-carpet-DOMOTEX-kohan textile journal

What is the quality and standard of the products in your collection?

Increasingly improving the quality of manufactured products in order to provide and enhance customer satisfaction by observing the quantitative and qualitative requirements and regulations affecting environmental issues and social responsibility of consumers has been a key policy of Rasoul Isfahan Industrial & Industrial Company (Rug Solomon).

In addition to having the national standard of Iran, it has been honoured to receive standard certifications in the areas of customer complaints ISO 10002 and customer satisfaction measurement ISO 10004 as well as EN European standard for rugs 14041.

In addition to the above-mentioned standards, it has achieved international standards in the field of product quality, environment, energy and …

  • OHSAS 18001-2007
  • ISO 9001-2015
  • ISO 14001-2015
  • ISO 50001-2011

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How would you describe the strategy and goals of the Soleiman Carpet Company?

  • Continuous promotion of quantitative and qualitative productivity and increasing its effectiveness in the competitiveness of manufactured products.
  • Developing competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.
  • Promotion of work culture and development of technical and scientific knowledge of human resources
  • Environmental protection and prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Target energy consumption to optimize consumption.

Tell us about your export records and activities in foreign markets and exhibitions.

Khodrooshkar In recent years we have been able to export Rasoul Esfahan Company with the Raleye Soliman brand more than we have in the past.  We export to the Gulf countries as well as to East Asia, and we also export to countries such as Mexico, South Korea, Africa, India.

We are striving to make these exports even more proud of the country and in recent years we have been able to set significant records, including the largest machine rug in the world producing 2 square meters in quality and 1 comb.

We received another new order, which is 2m in quality and shoulder-high, which we will rebuild our previous record and hope to continue with this process and be able to give our country more honor.


What new products have you brought to Hanover to present to global markets?

One of the new products that can be called today is the name of the carpet-comb which was unveiled at the Tehran Carpet Exhibition and only a small part of it is being unveiled at the Hanover Exhibition in particular.

We can also name the company’s antibacterial product, which, after a nearly nine-month project with the University’s R&D unit, is set to be unveiled at the Hanover Exhibition, and in the near future, we will be able to incorporate basic knowledge.  And market it as a knowledge-based product.


What are your goals and plans for attending Domotex?

The aim and vision of the company has always been to take the first steps in development and quality, and to always be a reputable company using the best raw materials and at the same time we can make it the best carpet we can.

The carpet brand Rasoul Esfahan Company in the field of carpets and yarn BCF has been able to make good strides with new innovations and we hope that economic conditions and market conditions will enable us to make good use of these products and dear people’s needs.  To supply our country and world markets

We have always been looking for high-quality carpet to satisfy our customers at Solomon Carpet and we are happy to celebrate our 40th and 14th anniversary this year and hope that this will continue and make our beloved Iran proud.

What is your analysis of production and producer status?

As you know, production is very problematic right now, and it has its own difficulties, especially in the years when sanctions have been lifted, causing many problems for producers in all industries.

In the same way we had these problems, but thanks to God and in fact the love we had for our workers and we love them, and again, God willing, we were able to move our business forward and even expand our spinning sector in these two years.  In the past two years, we have done a lot of up-to-date carpet and carpet discussion and our own design and work that even our competitors have acknowledged to have been very good.


Solomon’s carpet with its unique booth at the Domotex Hanover Exhibition always presents a symbol of the greatness of Iranian culture. What is the impact of this booth and the use of Iranian national and cultural symbols on foreign customers coming to your booth?

One of the issues that all companies and in all industries can ask themselves is the International Exhibitions of Tehran, where we are a few years old, and Germany, which is the largest International Exhibition of Carpets in the world.

Let’s move on to the new build and even add a modern one, the booth we did very well and the godfather we did a great job last year, and we implemented the booth the same way this year, but the work itself is really kind of  We created new designs and colours on different combs and modern work and all our customers said at the show  This year you have the first word on the plan.

We’ve done great work in both traditional and classic work and for the first time unveiled a 5-shoulder product with the effort of a collection and staff that I thank for being unique in the carpet industry in just over 7 days.  We were able to get the carpet to the exhibition.

And we put the next surprise, which is a very high-profile work for the German Domotex exhibition, and hope that as a small member of this industry we will keep our country’s flag high and God willing.

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