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Seed cotton production continues to be low in Malawi

Malawi has failed to produce 100,000 metric tonnes of seed cotton despite various government interventions, according to Cotton Council of Malawi (CCM) executive director Cosmas Luwanda, who recently said the country would produce 24,000 metric tonnes this year, an increase of 9,000 metric tonnes from last year’s figure of 15,000 metric tonnes.

Luwanda was briefing the media in Lilongwe on the day of opening season for cotton marketing.

The cotton crop was affected by a pesticide called Jassids and high moisture levels due to heavy rains, he said.

Malawi is capable of producing 600,000 metric tonnes of seed cotton and its three ginneries in Karonga, Balaka and Ngabu can handle production, a newspaper report in the country quoted Luwanda as saying.


He said with proper investment the county could be able to make various products from locally grown cotton seed.

It was encouraging that cotton farmers were selling their crops ranging from a minimum price of K375/kg to K420/kg, he added.

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