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Indian houses one of the biggest, ultra-modern and most diversified cotton textiles manufacturing infrastructure in the world, consisting of numerous vertically integrated mills and decentralized micro, small and medium units specialízíng in spinning, weaving, processing, knitting, value addition, home textiles and garment manufacturing.

With 53 million spindles, 880,000 rotors, 2.5 million looms (excluding handlooms) of which 1,25,000 are shuttle-less looms, thousands of qualified designers and textile professionals, 45 million skilled work force, hundreds of specialized handloom clusters across the country and a wide network of textile research and academic institutions, India offers scale, flexibility, creativity, innovations, quality, consistency and the world’s most comprehensive capabilities in textiles.

A discerning attitude and huge investments in quality management enables India to deliver world-class products consistently. Global leadership in information technology and management skills enables India to offer unparalleled customer service, as acknowledged by the world’s biggest brands and retailers.

Major Textile Centres in India

Cotton textile producing areas are spread throughout the country. Whereas, cotton production is concentrated in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Indian Cotton Textiles

BED LINEN: India is home to the world’s widest range in cotton bed linen for all market and price segments. With state-of-the-art wide width manufacturing infrastructure, it meets diversified demand for bed sheets, sheet-sets, pillow cases, bed covers, duvets comforters, blankets, quilts and bed-in-a-baa.. in varieties like percales, prints, sateen, Jacquards, dobby embroidery, flannel, yarn-dyed. and large exporters with pioneering technologies offer unparalleled range of designs and Hundreds of small, medium and large exporters with pioneering technologies offer unparalleled range of designs and styles in luxurious fabrics as high as 1,200 TCS.

BATH LINEN: Towels & bath linen from India are word-famous for their luxurious softness, absorbency and high quality. Made from fine premium pure cotton and dits blends with speciality fibres liike bamboo, soya, milk and viscose; bath linen range includes bath towels, beach towels, bath robes, bath mats, gift sets and other
bath accessories. India’s versatile bath linen range includes solid, piece dyed, dobby & jacquard woven, embroidered & printed varieties.

EURNISHING: From rustic handlooms to contemporary, classic cotton and linen, furnishing fabrics, cushions, curtains, blinds, throws and made-ups inspired by heritage, crafts, cultural design serve as an ode to refined taste and luxurious living. They are produced in solids, yarn dyed, dobby, jacquard, sateen, embroidered, applique, quilted, hand woven, hand crafted and many other varieties.

TABLE & KITCHEN LINEN: India specialises in classic & contemporary designs of solids and yarn dyed hand woven fabrics to finer range in embroidered dobby, jacquard, and sateen. Specialised production centres meticulously craft table covers, dining sets, aprons, mittens, bread baskets, chefs’ attire, kitchen towels and much more.

Indian Cottons, Global Reach

FORMAL & CASUAL WEAR: Thousands of smal, medium and large units in India produce the finest fabric for formal wear as well as casual wear with intricate designs. Top weight range includes plain Weaves, dobby, jacquard, sateen oxfords, chambrays and a variety of designs in solid and yarn dyed stripes, checks & prints. Bottom weight range includes twill, gabardine, dril, sateen etc. further value addition is done through high performance finishes like wrinkle free, anti-microbial, stain resistant.

CONTRACT TEXTILES: Indian exporters also undertake contract manufacturing based on the manufacturer’s own or the customers designs and/or specifications for supply of fabric, carpeting and furnishing intended for usage in offices, hotels, health-care facilitiesor public spaces.

TECHNICAL TEXTILES : India manufactures specialized yarns and a wide range of technical textiles from heavy duty canvas for shoe uppers to filter fabrics for cement plants.. from sterilized medical textiles to protective industrial uniforms for workers… from a variety of industrial fabrics to high performance apparel for armed forces.. fabrics for protection from radiation and hazardous occupations. This range includes flame retardant, stain resistant, water repellent, anti-static and several customized finishes to suit specific customer needs.

EMBROIDERY: With its exquisite embroidery skills, India dominates global fashions. Hand embroidery with diverse techniques and materials like Zardozi, Kantha, Chikankari, Phulkari, Jamdani, Mirror work, Chamba, Crewel work and so on are part of India’s rich cultural heritage. Today, a variety of high quality computerised machine embroidered fabrics from natural & manmade fibres are produced in India, using different embroidery technologies, depending on design and end use.

DENIM PLUS: Indian manufacturers are today known for trend setting denim ideas every season. Indian denim range now includes everything from classic 14.5 oz. for bottoms, jackets and fashion accessories to ultra-light weight fabrics for tops in options like jacquard, dobby, stretch, prints, overdyed, corduroy, coated, foiled, lurex, Tencel… all with infinite washes and surface effects.

KITS: Hundreds of small-medium-large knitting units house facilities from world-class spinning, circular knitting, raschel knitting, flat kniting, dyeing, printing, finishing and embroidery, right upto fully finished knitwear production. Units spread across the country offers knitted fabrics for casualwear, sleep wear, formal wear, leisure wear, sportswear and decorations like printing, embroidery, sequin and applique work.

Indian Cottons, Global Reach

UNIFORMS: India manufactures a wide variety in uniform fabrics for diverse occupations. For school uniforms, corporate offices, airlines, hotels, restaurants, hospitals to institutions like postal services, Couriers, security services, transport etc. Top weight and bottom weight fabrics are produced in pure cotton and cotton rich blends for high comfort at work in an assortment of special finishes.

YARNS: Indian yarns are today the choice of leading weavers and knitters worldwide. India has the world’s largest capacity for cotton and cotton blended yarns with 53 million spindles and 8,80,000 rotors for manufacturing ring spun, open-end, combed, carded varieties in melange, fancy compact and high performance yarns. It commands global leadership for finer yarns above 40’s with an impressive 25% share in the world market. Over 3,000 large, medium and small spinning units in India offer customised solutions with greige, bleached, dyed, mercerized, gassed and fancy yarns.

Advantage INDIA

Today India has emerged as the most competitive manufacturer of Cotton Textiles. Major advantages in India are:

Raw material advantage

  • World’s largest producer of Organic Cotton.
  • World’s largest producer of Jute.
  • World’s 2″ largest producer of Silk.

Manufacturing Capacity advantage

  • 22% of World’s Spindle Capacity
  • Highest number of Looms in the World
  • Spinning & Weaving sector have operating machines with 30 % higher speed compared to other textile manufacturing countries

Cotton Advantage

India is the largest producer of Cotton in the World and the volume of production is always in surplus to spinning capacity

Skilled Manpower Advantage

Large number of Technical Schools, participation of workers in quality circle, 5S programs and worker’s contribution towards process improvements help the Indian Textile Mills to operate machines at highest speeds and efficiencies

Spinning Advantage

India has a world class spinning sectorand the Spinners maintain excellent quality culture in order to supply high quality yarns round the year.

Knitting Advantage

Indian Knitting factories which are an integral part of Spinning Mills enjoy several advantages including cost of in-process inventory, reduced logistic cost leading to competitive cost of production

Weaving Advantage

Indian weavers operate looms at high speeds and efficiencies besides 24X7 X 360 days in order to keep the capital costs low

Indian Cottons, Global Reach

Texprocil: Positioning Indian Cotton Textiles on the Global Map

  • international face of Indian cotton textiles with numerous initiatives including trade shows, buyer seler meets, studies in current and emerging markets, study tours, business delegations and so on
  • Presence in 227 countries on behalf of 3000 member exporters
  • A catalyst to forge long term international trade relationships along with mentoring exporters on market trends
  • Providing market intelligence and connecting exporters with potential importers
  • The Council has established India as a competitive, reliable and preferred source for cotton textiles under the Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ programme designed to transform India into a global manufacturing hub
  • For TEXPROCIL, export promotion of cotton textiles is not just a ‘secular trade promotion activity’, but a ‘sacred duty for providing inclusive growth and gainful employment’ to the vast workforce in the country


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