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ROYAL HALI Carpet; Export to 28 Countries with 4,000 patterned carpets

Interview with  Tansel Tula – Royal Hali General Manager

By: Mena Carpet News

Royal Hali Carpet Complex, history and success story…


Our story of entering the sector started in 2004 by establishing the Royal Bcf yarn production facility. In 2005, we started machine-made carpet production as Royal Halı Inc. In 2007, we incorporated the world-famous Pierre Cardin brand and started carpet production with the brand of Pierre Cardin Halı.

In 2011, we have become the leader of the pioneers and innovations with strong brands in a very short time by incorporating Atlas Halı, which is the longest-established brand of the carpet industry with its history of 54 years.

Royal Halı Industry and Trade Inc. is the leading company in the sector with its brands of Royal Halı, Atlas Halı and Pierre Cardin Halı and with its customer-oriented service approach, innovative designs, R&D and innovation studies.

As Royal Halı and Royal Bcf, we export carpet and yarn to a total of 28 countries. In the domestic market, we have the most extensive dealer network in the carpet industry with our nearly 500 showrooms and point of sale all around Turkey.

Let us know about your range of products and innovations. Also Royal hali capacity and level of technologies and machinery.

As Royal Halı Inc, we produce more than 4,000 patterned carpets annually in our 100,000 square meter facilities in Gaziantep with a production capacity of 6,500,000 square meters. Our products differ and vary according to domestic and international trends. Every year, our brands catalogues consist of 14 different collections. Our product range is quite wide. We have a classic, modern, vintage-style collection that is suitable for every place.

Royal Hali Carpet Factory

With regards to the innovations that we have contributed to the sector; Royal Halı, which started ‘SigortHalı’ (InsuredCarpet) application that is the first and unique in Turkey, initiated innovations in the sector with Studio and Ebru carpet which allows custom carpet manufacturing for individuals. From the past to the present, “Anti-bacterial Carpet”, “Nano Carpet” that can clean itself, “Dust-less Carpet” and “ZERODUST”, which reduce the dust and pilling caused by the yarn of the carpets up to 65%, are among our most important innovations. Royal Carpet; has many national and international awards in the field of R&D, innovation and design.

Royal Carpet is one of the leaders in carpet sector in the world and Turkey, how do you evaluate the machine-made carpet sector in Turkey and also internationally?

Leading countries in the world machine-made carpet export; Turkey, China, India, Belgium and the Netherlands. Turkey holds 28.8% of the market alone. China comes immediately after Turkey and has a market share of 19.8%.

The vast majority of machine-made carpet production in our country is made by companies in Gaziantep. Other provinces where machine-made carpet production is intense can be stated as Kayseri and Istanbul.
In July 2020, our machine-made carpet exports increased by 14% compared to the same month of the previous year and were recorded as 212.5 million dollars.

In July 2020, machine-made carpets worth approximately 91.8 million dollars with an increase of 72% were exported to the USA. Saudi Arabia comes after the USA with an export value of 169.5 million dollars and a share of 15.2% in our machine-made carpet exports.

 Turkey is the biggest producer and exporter of machine-made carpet in the world, let us know about Royal export destination. What is the reasons that make Turkey biggest exporter of carpet in the world?

In the world market, we export to nearly 28 countries in different parts of the world, especially to all central European countries, USA, Saudi Arabia, China, Morocco, Turkmenistan and Romania. The reason for the facts that Turkey plays an important role in the World machine-made carpet production and export and that it has a significant share in the market is that carpet industry has a long history in Turkey.


The carpet sector is a very old and well-known industry that has an important place in the socioeconomic life of the people. The Turkish carpet industry makes itself unrivalled with its continuous new investments, the designers it has trained in carpet business and its qualified employees.

COVID 19 shows us we should rely more on sustainability and green products, how we can improve sustainability in machine-made carpet industry?

As Royal Halı, we attach great importance to nature and the environment since the day we were founded, we have been carrying out our productions in an environmentally friendly manner. We are a company that has all the quality certificates as we take every measures and precaution in our production facilities.


We have produced 100% natural Tencel yarn carpets very recently. We entered collections with all our brands. These collections, in which we achieved very good results, found a significant place within consumers with their eco-friendly, easily soluble and soft texture.

In addition, we use sustainable natural yarns that do not harm nature as the raw materials in most of our collections. We will continue to produce sustainable and recyclable products in the upcoming periods as well. Our R&D studies on this subject continue intensively.


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