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Quality and sustainability through Eltex Compact II for carpet tufting

Since its launch in 2013, the EYE Compact sensor for yarn break and end-out detection has become an enormous success among carpet manufacturers worldwide.

But over time, a new market need arose for a more compatible sensor with the latest advanced tufting machines that put significant limitations and challenges on the space available for yarn fault detection systems.

To meet the need, development started of its successor Compact II, first introduced at the Domotex exhibition in early 2019 and later released in the fall of 2019.

EYE Compact II is both efficient and cost-saving, with each yarn individually controlled for a 100% detection of every tufting yarn break and end-out. All sensor data are processed by a master control unit that provides stop and warning light indications to the very user-friendly operator terminal in response to any detected yarn fault.

With a size of 1/3 compared to the regular EYE Compact, it’s ideal for mounting on modern and graphics driven machines where space can be limited, giving the operator better access to the machine around the sensors. In addition, the EYE Compact II is constructed of metal housing and can easily be mounted and connected with modular connectors. 

Quality and sustainability through Eltex Compact II for carpet tufting

On the Operator terminal, sensor parameters can be set for different groups of yarns with automatic addressing of all the system parts. All events are logged in real-time, useful for statistics and diagnostics. This information can be networkable to a central database from an Ethernet connection on the Master control unit.
EYE Compact II will be a reliable companion for tufters and carpet manufacturers in the modern world who are keen to maintain a high quality of the manufacturing process.

The carpet tufting industry can take full advantage of the Eltex technology in revenue, growth, quality improvement, increased machine efficiency, less maintenance, and relief to the machine operator.

EYE compact II provides some notable advantages. It frees the operator to do other tasks such as operating several machines simultaneously, minimising faults in the carpet, and significantly reducing mending, resulting in higher efficiency.



Quality and sustainability through Eltex Compact II for carpet tufting

Moreover, minimise waste, reduce the time for the operator to find and fix a faulty yarn, increase production due to swift reaction time and give higher quality due to less shortfalls in the carpet.

Eltex technology consists of quality and sustainability and has a unique feature: “TO STOP THE MACHINE BEFORE A FAULT OCCURS.”


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