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Pure London to host new brands from accessories sector

Pure London to host new brands from accessories sector

The accessories sector at the festival of fashion, Pure London, will see a large percentage of new brands, as well as lots of returning favourites, set to deliver an exciting buying experience for visitors. Pure London is UK’s fashion event, representing womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, and young fashion, to be held from February 10-12, 2019.

Renowned for its beautifully designed and screen-printed scarves, kimonos, pants and gowns, buyer and celebrity favourite One Hundred Stars is delighted to announce a collaboration with Royal Botanical Gardens Kew and is showcasing the new collection at Pure London. With access to the incredible archive of drawings at Kew and taking inspiration from its awe-inspiring botanicals, One Hundred Stars have designed a collection of ornately decorated scarves, kimonos, and gowns printed with Passion Flowers, Apples & Pears, and Magnolia, Pure London said in a press release.

New accessory brands to look out for include L’Être Différent, MCX, Fig Cashmere, Ifos Jewellery, Hala Tatiana, Vshine, Botanical Seasons, Constasy, Eman & Co, Smile for Summer, Kloto, Aithne, 1947Legacy, Veneta, Imisi, Epoque, Little Nothing, Hurd & Co, Soul Bottles, Tania Claire Australia, Cae Cashmere, Soul Analyse, Kores Jewelery, 3rd Floor, Dora Haralambaki, Bellis, The Casery, Celine J, Hatti Jewelry, Orive, Juggle Angels, and Cuffie Regina.

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Tag Battoo is the exquisite new brand by designers Stephan Pavlou and Donna Clarke, offering handcrafted handbag stickers made with love and a steady hand in the UK by a London design firm. Visitors will also be treated to a new collection from premium, vegan brand Inyati. Also showing at Pure for the first time are Bombay Birds, a brand devoted to bringing a mark of high quality and craftsmanship and a blend of diverse influences to create distinctly unique and opulent fashion accessories. Focusing on Greek contemporary design, Ifos brings some of the finest and unique collections from Greek jewellery designers.

Pink Lemonsreturn with their collection of jewellery and velvet bags, and Eliza Gracious will be launching a new expanded collection of fashion accessories including sunglasses, beach bags, scarves, purses and key charms together with their jewellery range. Tilley and Grace will launch exciting new accessories as well as their best-selling 30per cent cashmere Georgia pashmina in new colourway, the Tilley Poncho, and a fabulous new Kim necklace in silver which has matching earrings.

Powder’s Autumn/Winter 19 collection which is effortlessly feminine and wearable, evoking both glamour and fun will be displayed at the show. Sence Copenhagen’s new collection is called Secret Garden inspired by personal secret spaces and the magic they bring to everyday life, while Shedaï offer an eclectic, Moroccan inspired collection of custom jewellery and fashion accessories that range from delicately feminine to quirky bohemian.

Other footwear brands showcasing their AW19 collections include Cara, Alpe, Caprice, Vanessa Wu, Ipanema, Unica, Musette, Loie, Andree Knight Shoes, Mu Louise, 1725.a, and Estelle.

‘Concept’ within Accessories is hugely popular and a fabulous hunting ground for buyers seeking something new, innovative and different. The treasure trove of designers showcasing their wares include: Anna Lodi, Antonio Verde, Celeste G. di Andrea Trambusti, Entropia, Alexandra Otieva, Komodo, Kwabia London, Fanfulla Bags, Miab Jewels, Mirta Accessori Moda Srl, Monile di, Stefania Bandinu, My Doris, and Rosso Cuore di Brunello Paola.

Celeste G. di Andrea Trambusti is a family business which designs and manufactures all their products, so they are totally handmade. Their summer collection focuses on bright and colourful enamels, elements in metal and pearls, while the winter collection is inspired by the old style of Florentine craftsmanship, with aged colours and crystals.

PIG’OH creates alternative jewellery with inspiration, care and passion, mixing materials created for a different use, enabling them, through an original design and the craftsmanship of the processes that make every jewel unique. Christina Karakalpaki will display her Skin on Skin collection, a constantly expanding range of leather jewellery, including recent designs inspired by marine life. Stefania Bandinu is an Italian designer who designs and produces ‘narrative jewellery’ collections, jewels that tell stories. Her latest project is ‘Mediterranea’, a collection of jewels and archaeology that tells stories of distant civilisations, scented with vineyards and rosemary.

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