Printing of narrow fabrics at a glance: COLAERIS-NF-single
Printing of narrow fabrics at a glance: COLAERIS-NF-single

Printing of Narrow Fabrics at a Glance: COLAERIS-NF-Single

COLAERIS-NF-single the right choice for single-sided digital printing of military webbings, hook & loop, safety belts, technical tapes, decorative ribbons, promotion lenyards, zippers and others.

The COLARIS-NF Single is a single-pass digital printer for one-sided printing on narrow fabrics. Onesided printing is typical for individualizing consumables such as face masks or cleaning wipes. It is
also used for printing on hook & loop quick-fix-and-release tapes, bandages or decorative tapes.


COLARIS-NF is a specially developed digital inkjet printer for high-quality & high-speed printing on narrow fabrics (textiles & nonwoven).

The COLARIS-NF can print on both sides of the narrow fabric in one single pass, using commercially available inks with brilliancy & good fastness:

  • Acid ink for polyamide
  • Disperse and sublimation ink for printing on polyester
  • Pigment ink for printing on a variety of textile surfaces
  • Reactive / VAT inks for cotton


Our standard model prints on all narrow fabrics with widths up to 65 mm or 250 mm.

Complete variation of ribbons, tapes, belts, pile ribbons, touch and close, zippers, velvet etc.

Inkjet printer for decoration, lanyards, give-away products, packing, fashion, flower, satin, safety tapes etc.

  • Hook & loop
  • Face masks
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Medical bandages
  • Printing on pre-dyed substrates
  • Decorative tapes
  • Digital dyeing

Printing of narrow fabric1) Fiber: all types of fibers
ink class: pigment
process: print > fixation
applications: felts, nonwovens, webbings, medical bandages, face masks

Printing of narrow fabric2) Fiber: polyamide
ink classes: acid, reactive
process: pre-coat > print > steam > (wash > dry – if needed)
applications: hook & loop, webbings, elastics

Printing of narrow fabric3) Fiber: polyester
ink classes: disperse, direct sublimation
process: pre-coat > print > impregnation > fixation
applications: deco tapes, packaging ribbons

Printing of narrow fabric

4) Fiber: polyester
ink classes: disperse, pigment (for military webbings)
process: pre-coat > dry > print > HT fixation > reductive wash > dry
applications: webbings, lanyards

Advantages of the COLARIS-NF

  • Fully digital application of dyes: any shade, any pattern, any time
  • Low capital investment
  • Improved production efficiency: no screens, small samples are possible
  • Green technology: energy and water savings


Download Colaris-NF PDF leaflets:




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