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Online shopping is easy with MySizeID Sizing and Fit solution

My Size offers smart measurement technology, is quoted to Nasdaq, one of the biggest exchanges of America; with its MySizeID application developed for textile, construction market and logistics sectors, it offers a one-stop-shop solution both for retailers and consumers alike using smartphones and mobile hand terminals.

With online shopping, MySizeID application allows you to purchase products that are in the right size for you without leaving your house during these challenging times.

MySizeID reduces returns in online shopping

MySizeID, developed by My Size with advanced algorithms for the textile industry and can be used in the majority of devices using iOS and Android operating systems.


MySizeID solution offers the retailers a solution to solve their Size and fit recommendation, return process, sizing chart building for both for their Online and Offline stores. Using MySizeID unique technology users can have a fast and easy measurement solution with the help of the sensors of the smartphones without the need for a camera.

With MySizeID, which is based on the correct measurement, users can get their own measurements in just a few minutes, match these measurements with the products of the brands that MySizeID has collaborated in their online shopping, as well as complete their shopping without waiting for long cabin queues in the store.

Providing size chart integration with more than 200 brands, MySizeID helps customers who shop online to choose the right clothing size from brands based on real-time body measurements; It provides time and cost advantages to both consumers and companies by reducing the costs caused by incorrect measurement.

Today the apparel industry is facing a high rate of returns. 30 percent in the world and 20 percent in Turkey, as a result of buying products online without trying them on. That greatly imposes additional costs to the companies. The MySizeID application reduces returns by about 50 percent in online shopping.

What makes MySizeID different than other solutions? Everything
We protect your shopper’s privacy. MySizeID uses a patented algorithm to measure your customer with their smartphone sensors, without using the camera!

MySizeID provides your shoppers their precise body fit:

  • User-friendly: We don’t ask your shopper’s their size. We tell them their size.
  • Reduce returns: When your shoppers know their size, your return rate goes down and so does your carbon footprint
  • Customizable & Easy-to-use: MySizeID is an easy plug-and-play widget that syncs directly to your size charts. With scalable solutions like SDK, MySizeID Widget or MySizeID white label, a custom-tailored solution for your store

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