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Lafer’s Success in the Textile Industry Is No Coincidence

Interview with NedTex Company’s managing director, Engineer Amirreza Afshari

More than 60 000 people visited the Istanbul textile machinery show, which took place in Turkey in June 2022. Many significant participants in the global textile business, particularly those from the Middle East and Africa, met each other at this show.

One of the countries with a strong showing at the exhibition was Italy. Italian companies, many of which have a distinguished history in producing dyeing equipment and finishing a wide range of textile products, were represented at the exhibition. Lafer from Italy was one of the most notable names among them.

As a result of the Lafer company’s agent in Iran (NedTex company) being present at the Lafar company booth, the opportunity to speak with Mr. Amirreza Afshari, the CEO of NedTex company, a provider of equipment and textile supplies for Iranian businesses, was greatly enhanced.

Mr. Afshari always welcomed us to the Lafer booth with a grin and helpful information. As a result of what was said, we can summarize it as follows:

We initially enquired about his assessment of the exhibition:
Mr. Afshari: I’m glad to see that textile exhibition events have returned after three years and the end of the Corona pandemic since it signals the start of a good time for everyone in the textile industry.

The organization of the exhibition this year was outstanding, and we had many visitors from Iran, Turkey, the rest of the region, and even Europe. This highlights the exhibition’s significance in the global economy and the organizer’s successful efforts to attract business delegations from around the globe.

Additionally, there has been significant improvement in the area of exhibitors, and there are many international textile machinery manufacturers here.

Additionally, Iranian visitors have a distinct benefit in Istanbul due to its tourism options and is a place where we meet many of our present and future clients. I am sure that this exhibition will have a significant positive impact on the markets in the MENA region textile market.

Mr. Amirreza Afshari gives an in-depth explanation of the regional market’s capabilities:

Mr. Amirreza Afshari: The expo shows us that the MENA region and Central Asia region has a considerable upside in the textile industry. Important countries in this region include Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Tunisia, and others, each of which is a virgin market.

Natural raw materials, such as cotton, wool, leather, and even oil-based synthetic fibers, are accessible to these countries. Compared to Europe, they still have affordable energy and good access to both continents. There is also access to inexpensive, skilled labor.

These are the materials required for a vibrant textile industry, which will produce a leading and revenue-generating sector when combined with modern machinery. We can see this in action in countries like Turkey, where the textile industry has proven robust and dynamic.

In recent years, the Iranian market has grown significantly. The owners of textile businesses and the investors in Iran’s textile sector have recognized that they should use the latest equipment available to boost their quality and output, especially the younger generations who are the sons and daughters of the original producers.

They now recognize that exporting and being present in international markets are crucial principles for their existence and growth and this requires competent infrastructure. They ought to increase their consciousness and knowledge. In the domestic market, quality leads to superiority which demands the latest equipment, and technology.

Mr. Amirreza Afshari also provided information on the most recent tools and technology that Lafer displayed:

Mr. Amirreza Afshari: NedTex has long been a part of Iran’s textile industry. Throughout the years, we have identified Lafer as one of the best brands in the world for Iranian manufacturers.

Lafer has showcased some of its newest technologies and machines at this event, including the compact open-width devices, which result from extensive study, development, and long-lasting experience. These machines allow us to adjust the tension consistently and uniformly across the fabric, enabling the fabric producer to finish the material to the highest standard.

We have a brand-new complete line for all kinds of denim (jean) fabrics. We also developed a closed finishing system using liquid ammonia to finish cotton fabrics.

Its cutting-edge technology allows cotton fabrics to be finished without water, making it the perfect machine for the Middle East and Africa’s arid regions. Additionally, it resolves the issue of high water pollution and textile effluents in the textile finishing sector. Up to 90% of the chemical used in this procedure can be recycled and put back into the system.

Lafer raising and shearing machines are another of our products that have performed well and are well-liked in the Iranian market. Due to their widespread use and availability, I can confidently declare that you may discover these Lafer machines in any factory in Iran.



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