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Jakob Müller stands for quality, innovative ideas and exceptional products

Jakob Müller stands for quality, innovative ideas and exceptional products

Jakob Mueller Group

Jakob Müller AG from Frick, Switzerland, founded in 1887 by Jakob Müller-Schneider, keeps impressing the global market with trendsetting innovations. In past years, the company has evolved from a small Swiss company to become a world market leader in the manufacture of machinery and production equipment for the narrow fabrics industry.



The Jakob Mueller Group – worldwide

The Jakob Müller Group is a globally active company with 12 sites around the world. With manufacturing companies in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, China and India, the company is successfully implementing its strategy as a system supplier. The sales and service companies in the USA and in Mexico, Brazil, Japan and Hong Kong ensure that the specific needs of markets outside of Europe are taken into account. Alongside its own subsidiaries, the Jakob Müller Group also has further representations in 82 other countries, including in a large number of markets in Africa and the Middle East.


The Jakob Mueller Group – a success story

Jakob Müller stands for quality, innovative ideas and exceptional products. For the family-run company with a tradition stretching back over 130 years, topics like sustainability and forward-looking action are pillars of the company philosophy. The success of the company is based on a high level of trust between employees, with shared values and mutual objectives coming to the fore in their collaboration. The products and services set standards and offer customers future-proof, innovative solutions

One of the main pillars on which the success of the entire group is built is digitalisation. This runs through the entire manufacturing process, through logistics and on to the consumer. The Jakob Müller Group covers a large proportion of “Smart Production” and makes a major contribution in the process to ensuring that the value chain is made even more efficient and sustainable. In this context, new products are rolled out (hardware and software) and continuously refined and enhanced. In the space of five years, many new solutions will be established in the market that will open up new advantages in production. In the process, the collaboration with the textile learning factory DCC in Aachen will make it possible to identify meaningful and necessary steps.


The Jakob Mueller Group – products

The corporate slogan “Systems and Solutions for the Narrow Fabric Industry” is more than just a catchword. The product portfolio of the Jakob Müller Group covers the entire value chain, from CAD systems for the design of conveyors and labels, through warping machines for different warp beam formats and yarn types, crochet galloon machines and needle-ribbon weaving machines, label weaving systems, dyeing and finishing machines, all the way up to presentation systems, assembly systems for technical textiles and customer-specific special solutions.

In addition, the Jakob Müller Group already offers platforms with corresponding solutions for the two mega trends of sustainability and digitalisation, which are going to represent important success factors for the entire textile industry.


VELVEDGE® – the world’s first “sustainable” textile label

With the VELVEDGE® technology it is also possible to manufacture textile labels from natural fibres or biodegradable regenerated cellulose fibres. These labels offer extremely soft edges and are also biodegradable – and they finally offer manufacturers of sustainable products a solution for closing the “sustainability chain”, enabling them to obtain corresponding certification for their textile products.


Digitalisation in the context of “Smart Production” and “Smart Services”

Digitalisation runs through the entire manufacturing process, through logistics and on to the consumer.

In this context, the factory data capture system mymuenet offers direct access to the machine control system. The system is based on state-of-the-art database technologies and offers data access via PCs, tablets and smartphones.

The information is visualised and transmitted to individually configurable dashboards, which enable specialised evaluations and analyses based on individually designed parameters and performance indicators. Alarm functions show when a direct intervention in the work process is required, which not only reduces downtime significantly but also ensures that efficiency is maintained at a consistently high level.

Implementation of this system increases working efficiency at many application levels.


The service portal mymueller® provides customers of the Jakob Müller Group with online access to company-specific information, know-how and services – 24/7, anywhere in the world. mymueller® displays the machine park of the customer on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. Users can also call up operating manuals and parts catalogues or trigger parts orders.

mymueller® is browser-based and is extremely user-friendly to use.

In the future, it will also enable access to services such as e-Support, e-Monitoring and e-Learning.


The Middle East and Africa – and their potential in the market for textiles and clothing

The Jakob Müller Group has already been active in the Middle East and Africa for many years and maintains intensive business relationships in both regions. However, alongside the long-standing, traditional sales markets, in recent years interesting new opportunities have opened up, particularly in Eastern Africa.

The classic clothing sector represents the lion’s share of the textile industry in the Middle East and Africa. This area still offers plenty of potential for future growth.

Apart from this, the increasing production of technical textiles also offers significant growth opportunities and therefore – from the perspective of the Jakob Müller Group – potentially an increase in future demand for corresponding machines and systems. With its long-standing experience in relation to product-specific and customer-specific solutions, the Jakob Müller Group is supporting the development of this segment in the different markets.

Of course, the mega trends of sustainability and digitalisation will also represent important success factors in markets in the Middle East and Africa. Today, big brand names are placing a high priority on ensuring that textiles are made of certified materials – and are thus supporting the circular economy. In expert circles, sustainability is seen as the opportunity for further development of the textile industry.

With its extensive and innovative product portfolio, the Jakob Müller Group already offers platforms with corresponding solutions for both mega trends.




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