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The Egypt Ministry of Industry

The Egypt Ministry of Industry launches second textile city in Badr city

The Egypt Ministry of Industry and Trade announced launch the second textile city in Badr city on an area of 1 million sqm as part of the government plan to develop 10 industrial areas dedicated to textile and clothing manufacture over the next five years. The city includes 198 plots of land for spinning, weaving, garment and dyeing activities, according to the Minister Tarek Kabil.

The minister emphasised that the textile industry is one of four major fields of industry which the ministry has decided to develop through a strategy launched in November. Egypt has a competitive advantage in this field, and the government plans on increasing its competitive abilities in this industry.

Kabil added that the booklet of conditions will be withdrawn from the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) during the period from 15 October to 19 October.


The minister noted that the privatization procedures in the first Textile City, which was launched in the city of Badr in March on an area of one million sqm had been completed. Further, a public draw on units (lands) will be held on 11October.

Kabil pointed out that the IDA will also launch an industrial cluster for textile industries in Badr city before the end of the current year to meet the needs of small investors.

The government aims to increase the value of textile and clothing exports to $6bn, and to create 1m jobs, it is the second largest industry in Egypt. The textile and clothing industry accounts for 30% of the total industrial production in Egypt; 16% of all its industrial exports; and 30% of all industrial employment with nearly 1.2 million people employed by 7,000 companies with investments totalling $5bn.

Bahaa El-Adly, the head of Badr City Investors Association believes that the government is serious about developing the textile industry owing to its national importance. It is also important for textile industries to be grouped together so as to facilitate their improvement.

Investors in Egypt and especially in Badr City want more industrial lands; the time is right for Egypt to pursue new investments in all industrial fields.


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