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Important tips for buying second hand textile machinery and carpet machineries

Textile is one of the largest industries in the world. In many developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, and China, textiles are highly valued. Because textiles play an important role in strengthening a country’s economy.

The textile industry is very profitable and efficient. The products of the textile industry have long been one of the basic human needs. Humans have used clothing to protect themselves from various factors such as extreme heat or extreme cold.

Textile products are also widely used for decoration. A significant portion of the goods needed by humans depends on the textile industry. One of the major advantages of the textile industry is that it does not require complex knowledge and equipment. For this reason, textiles have spread rapidly from the past to the present, and textile products are very diverse and diverse.


Just as textile products are diverse, so are textile equipment and machinery. Production of different textile products requires different tools and equipment. Each of the activists in the clothing industry, according to their field of activity, provides the required devices.

But one of the major problems facing Iranian textile industry producers is the high cost of machinery and equipment. Due to the high price of textile machines, many manufacturers can not buy the machine they need. On the other hand, restrictions imposed by political sanctions have exacerbated the problem of Iranian producers.

second hand textile machinery
second hand textile machinery

But every problem has a solution. The solution to the problems caused by the high price of machines and devices and restrictions on their purchase is the use of second hand textile machinery. Although most manufacturers prefer to use new machines, second hand textile machinery can also be a cost-effective option.

Today, many manufacturers in the Iranian textile industry buy second hand textile machinery to provide the machines they need. Manufacturers of machine-made carpets are among the main applicants for second hand machines. Carpet manufacturers have to pay attention to various aspects when buying machines.

There is a lot of competition in the carpet market and it is necessary to use efficient machines to produce machine-made carpets. For this reason, in the continuation of this article, we will review the important points in buying second-hand machine-made carpet machines.

Machine Made Carpet
Machine Made Carpet

Consult with several experts simultaneously

In any case, consulting with professionals will help you make better decisions. Consulting with professionals is also very useful for buying second hand machine-made carpet machines. For a better decision, we suggest that you consult several experts at the same time.

The more information resources you have, the more realistic the insight into the product. For this reason, if two professionals guide you separately and simultaneously in buying second hand machine-made carpet machines, you will have a better purchase.

Compare their opinions and suggestions when consulting with several experts independently and simultaneously. If you have questions about buying used carpet machines, ask them all. Then compare their answers. It should be noted that before consulting with experts, be sure to research them and get advice from reputable people.

second hand textile machinery
second hand textile machinery

Buy devices that you are confident in using

Companies that distribute second hand machine-made machine tools offer numerous offers to companies and manufacturers. A machine-made carpet company has to carefully consider the offers to buy the best product. An offer from a second-hand machine-made machine vendor may not meet the needs and goals of a manufacturer. However, if that offer is not carefully considered, the manufacturer may purchase the wrong product.

A manufacturing company needs devices and machines that are appropriate to its mission and goals, while the employees have enough experience and skills to work with it. Also, these machines are effective in supplying the goods needed by the market. It is quite reasonable to buy such machines and devices.

But if the second hand textile machinery are not in line with the company’s goals or the skills of the employees, then buying them is a waste of the company’s financial resources. In many cases, companies buy machines that have low performance.

In this case, the purchased machines are usually not used after a while. The company may even have to sell them to offset some of its losses. So be sure to buy devices and machines that you know are functional.

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Consulting with manufacturers of second hand textile machinery

To buy second hand textile machinery, you can contact the manufacturers of machines and devices and get guidance from them. Communication with these companies is possible both directly and indirectly.

Usually, these companies can help you with a guide and advice to make a better purchase. These companies may also offer you suitable offers.

Among the manufacturers of machine made carpet machines, Schonherr and Vandewiele companies are very famous. Most of the textile machinery in Iran are the products of these two companies. These two big companies produce quality products and have a great reputation in the world.

Many companies in the production of large machine-made carpets use the products of the two companies Vandewiele and Schonherr and stick the name tag of these companies on the back of the carpet.

Because Schonherr and Vandewiele brands have a lot of credibilities. The use of Vandewiele or Schonherr machines guarantees the quality of machine made carpets for customers.

second hand Machine Made Carpet Machinery

Evaluate costs, peripherals, and skills required to operate the machinery.

This is one of the most important tips for buying second hand textile machinery. Especially when you want to choose from several options. Before buying second hand machines and devices, be sure to evaluate them in terms of costs and accessories. Also, check what skills and facilities are needed to operate these devices.

The ancillary costs of unsuitable machinery can be much higher than the cost of purchasing it. Ancillary costs include the cost of repair, maintenance, training in the use of the device, and so on. Also, many devices need a lot of peripherals to work well.

Some second hand machine accessories may be scarce. Because of this, before buying, check the cost of supplying peripherals and their availability. In addition, every device purchased must be used by the staff. Therefore, it is necessary for employees to have the necessary skills to operate the machines well.

It is very important to do this evaluation. If you buy second hand machines without a thorough evaluation, you may suffer damage and even incur additional costs. By evaluating the costs and peripherals and the facilities needed to work with a device, you can come to a general conclusion about the benefits and losses of the products in question.

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Inspect second hand machines while operating.

It is essential to check the performance of second hand machines and devices while working. The best criterion for ensuring the quality and safety of machines is to check them while working. Used machines do not have a warranty service. Because of this, you must check them carefully when working before buying. With this review, you can be aware of possible defects.

One of the best ways to evaluate second hand machines is to check the quality of their products. In many cases, the products of a device can show its defects and problems.

For a closer look at the machines and devices in question, observe their performance in person, and keep a sample of their products. Finally, decide to buy the device by comparing your products and observations.

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