Final Steps for Global Registration of hand-woven “Chador Shab”

Final Steps for Global Registration of hand-woven “Chador Shab”

Qassemabad village in Roodsar County, Gilan Province, is internationally known for its traditional costumes. However, the Chador Shab, a kind of homemade outer garment for women, is also woven by female weavers in this region.

The colourful Chador Shab is woven using cotton, wool, and silk strings, and is tied around women’s waist to avoid humidity or is used as a bedcover or handbag.

Gilan’sQassemabad village Chador Shab weaving, whose vitality was the highlight of its colors, was going to get black, but this action, and perhaps other support, returned the lost vitality to its colors.

Final Steps for Global Registration of hand-woven “Chador Shab”

According to Qassemabad Chador Shab weavers, for women, Qassemabad village in Roodsar County is the color of love, the woman is the color, the man is the color, the baby is the color, life is the color but for so many weavers it is necessary for the younger generation to pursue this ancient art. 

Guilan’s Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts considers the global registration of weaving tent as a contribution to branding, commercialization, export, and development of foreign tourism.

Shahroud Amir Entekhabi added that Qassemabad village in Roodsar County will be the 11th city in Iran to be be registered Global handicrafts.

Considering the rich cultural capacities such as  Qassemabad village local costumes, night weaving and natural attractions, efforts are made to exploit these capacities to attract tourists and develop tourism in the province.

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