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EVTEKS 2020 under the UFI Criteria After COVID-19


CNR Holding will make new arrangements according to the UFI – The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and the recent returning to normal criteria determined by our government concerning the health of exhibitors and visitors in organizing exhibitions after the Covid-19 pandemic. The arrangements aim to secure buyer traffic for exhibitions and remove potential risks.

It is a globally-known fact that exhibitions are catalysts of economies and dynamos of export. Exhibitions have been delayed and cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and many serious problems have arisen in the supply chain, which has resulted in huge demands from suppliers and buyers in all the industries so that exhibitions can be organized again at the soonest time possible.

Within the framework of preparations that CNR Holding is making, a series of measures will be initiated at the exhibitions to be organized starting from August based on the activities that UFI – The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry is performing all over the world and considering the facts of our country.


The main purpose is enabling our exporters to come together and do business with buyers from all over the world safely.

Some of the measures taken under UFI Criteria After COVID-19 are as follows:

  1. Companies that serve exhibitors for their needs such as stand assembly, catering, the security shall be imposed with new accreditation conditions. Subcontractors that work in uncontrolled and incautious manners and ignore the employee and community health rules shall not be granted with any work permit.
  2. Body temperatures of visitors shall be checked at exhibition entrances and people showing symptoms shall be placed under health surveillance.
  3. Exhibitions shall be closed on Saturdays to cope with the density on Sundays.
  4. Exhibition entrances shall be open only for professionals. Visitors under 15 and not wearing any masks shall not be allowed to enter the exhibition area.
  5. Exhibition invitations shall not be distributed so that unrelated people cannot visit the exhibition.
  6. Entrance and exit points of exhibitions shall be reorganized to avoid density.
  7. The number of people in the exhibition area in the same period of time shall be restricted (1 visitor on the 10 square meter area on average).
  8. Social distance rules shall be obeyed in order to avoid excessive density.
  9. Distances between tables shall be minded at food courts.
  10. Emergency Health Service points shall be set and the number of ambulance vehicles shall be increased.
  11. Disinfectant automats shall be placed at exhibition entrance-exit points, food courts, toilets, and resting points.
  12. External air shall be used in ventilation systems and the air inside shall be kept clean permanently.




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