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Denim Premiere Vision launches Digital Denim Week

Denim Premiere Vision has launched a new event format, the Digital Denim Week. This 100 per cent digital show, to be held from November 30- December 4, 2020, will replace the physical edition of the show to be held in Berlin, assisting and accelerating the industry’s growing move to digital, where initiatives are being strongly catalysed by the health crisis.

Via an online platform, Denim Première Vision is set to run for a full week to showcase its exhibitors’ new collections of Spring-Summer 22 materials and latest product developments.

The Digital Denim Week will also showcase a dive into the heart of this season’s specific features, from trends to products and materials, with targeted talks by selected key players and experts, and a programme of conferences and masterclasses to meet the industry’s emerging challenges.


The Spring-Summer 22 collections, the know-hows, and latest technological and creative innovations from the show’s exhibitors will be launched at the event and presented in their e-shops on the Première Vision marketplace. These weavers, manufacturers/laundries/finishers, accessory makers, and technology developers are a select group of leading companies ranking among the most innovative in the global creative denim industry, according to a press release on the show.

It will feature expanded services and features, and a more interactive and functional digital catalogue to energise business. There will be activated client/supplier contact tools to facilitate direct contact and remote sales discussions and transactions. Company profiles will be now capable of integrating multimedia content, videos, images, texts, and so on, to enliven the presentations of exhibitors’ business activities.

A programme of talks will be taking place on December 1-2, 2020, on the Denim Première Vision. A round table featuring a panel of experts and professionals to examine the future of denim will be held. Two fashion seminars will be held to provide inspiration and introduce the Spring-Summer 22 trends; one session by Première Vision’s fashion team presenting the season’s main directions; and another by Lucia Rosin from Italy’s Meidea design studio to analyse new trends in cuts and silhouettes. Two smart talks on the industry’s challenges in terms of sustainable development will be hosted by Giusy Bettoni, sustainable development consultant for Première Vision. Two workshops will be presented by Alessio Berto from The Tailor Pattern Support to assist brands in creating their future collections.

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