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Interview with Mr Arslan Malikgulyyev / POLAD DOKMA SOWDA
Interview with Mr Arslan Malikgulyyev / POLAD DOKMA SOWDA

ADAS Textile Growing Fast in Carpet Yarn Market

Interview with Mr Arslan Malikgulyyev / POLAD DOKMA SOWDA

BCF Carpet Yarn Manufacturer / Turkmenistan – Ashgabad

By: Behnam Ghasemi – Kohan Textile Journal

ADAS Textile is characterized by its strong creative flair and competence that guarantees innovative style in the textile production. Having trade representations in Turkey and Russia, ADAS Textile constantly watches change of the market that promotes continuous growth of sales.


1. Please let us know more details about ADAS Textile company, history and it’s success story.

Central Asia is a geographical region that has been of great importance in history and business since ancient times. Strategically located closed to Europe, Africa and Asia, Turkmenistan has quick Air and Sea connections with rest of the world. In Turkmenistan, the labour and energy cost is cheap which gives us the advantage of making the best quality textile products with reasonable prices for Europe and Asia.

“ADAS Textile”  is patented trademark of POLAD DOKMA SOWDA factory that was founded in 2008 and now exports its products to many countries all around the world.

At the beginning, our company started exporting Turkmenistan government factories products by own trademark. From that time we had aimed to open our own factory and develop it into an international company and our goals slowly began to come true. currently IE “Polat dokma we sowda”is one of the largest exporters of textile products from Turkmenistan to the world. The wide range of high-quality textile products.

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Mr Arslan Malikgulyyev-POLAD DOKMA SOWDA 

ADAS textile has build its local supply chain model by sourcing yarn extrusion grade polymers from state industries. This is benefitting the company in tremendously and keeping it ahead in:

1. Less lead time for Raw Materials

2. Cost-benefit being in Oil & Gas region. (4th place worldwide as most gas stored country)

3. Geographical advantage allows higher flexibility with suppliers.

4. Boosting Supplier-Customer credibility.

5. Environment-friendly – Low emission on transportation and handling

6. Partner in the country’s economy.

The downstream industry of the Oil & Gas sector in Middle Asia has always been in the forefront of economic growth.

Taking this advantage ADAS has been closely associated with its various suppliers to develop high-quality polymers suitable for yarn extrusion. ADAS has very special strategic relationships with various feedstock suppliers from the State industries in the region.

Mr Arslan Malikgulyyev-POLAD DOKMA SOWDA 
Mr Arslan Malikgulyyev-POLAD DOKMA SOWDA

2. Which kind of yarns you are producing in Adas Textile? Which destinations are your export market? And how many percent use in Turkmenistan domestic market?

At the moment we have producing below products :

Monocolor Yarn:
– PP BCF monocolor yarn
– PP Friese monocolor yarn
– PP Heat-set monocolor yarn
– PP Twisted monocolor yarn

Tricolor Yarn:
– PP BCF tricolor yarn
– PP Friese tricolor yarn
– PP Heat-set tricolor yarn
– PP Twisted tricolor yarn

And exporting 100% of our products to  Europe, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Jordan, Brazil and Afghanistan.

3. One of your main products is BCF carpet yarn, let us know more about BCF carpet yarn and its unique specifications. 

There are mainly two types of yarn qualities used in the carpet industry produce by our factory:  Monocolor and Tricolor yarn

Difference between Tricolor and Monocolor is that monocolor consist of one colour and tricolor can consist 3 different colour.

The yarn, which is produced by dividing the number of filaments of the yarn into 3 equal parts and producing the divided filaments in 3 different colors, is called tricolour yarn. This tricolour yarn, consisting of 3 colors, that creates a melange effect on the carpet.
We offer PP BCF yarns in Monocolor and Tricolor in wide range of Decitex (1000-4000) & Filaments (144-360).
BCF yarn stands for Bulk Continuous Filament which is one long continuous strand of filament produced through specialized extrusion process used for manufacturing carpets & rugs.

The BCF yarn made with polymer Polypropylene (PP) is called PP BCF Yarn.

PP fibers are similar to natural Wool and soft almost same as Nylon and has an economical advantage over Wool and Nylon.

BCF-Carpet-Yarn-Turkmenistan-ADAS Textile Machinery


BCF: A little twist should be given so that the filaments, which have gained the necessary volume and softness by texturing, can come to a full yarn form under normal conditions. In the BCF yarn production technique, these are yarns that are made by interlocking instead of twisting to be given, and by entangling a filament bundle at certain points, and in this way, a bulk yarn structure is obtained.

FRIEZE: frieze carpets have high twists. This is a positive for durability because it means the carpet is less likely to fray overtime. Frieze carpets are also perfect for high traffic areas. Their twisted fibers flop in a lackluster manner, which easily conceals dirt, stains and footprints.

HEAT SET: It is a yarn that is permanently shaped by applying heat with or without steam in order to fix the twist in fixed, high twist, multiply yarns, to add strength, to prevent static electricity and to ensure that the yarn can work comfortably.


Carpets,  Rugs, Mats,  Runners and stair carpet, Prayer carpets,  Automotive mats, Upholstery fibers for underlays, Non-woven flooring,  Carpet tiles …

PP is a very light material as compared to other natural and polymers grade synthetic fibres. It has a specific gravity of 0.90 compared to other fibres such as Viscose (Rayon) – 1.50, Polyester- 1.38, Cotton-1.54, Nylon-1.14, Wool-1.31, Acrylic- 1.17 and for Silk -1.33.

The specific gravity of PP is less than that water ( 1.00) and its wide availability and cost economics makes it suitable for carpet & rug industry.

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BCF-Carpet-Yarn-Turkmenistan-ADAS Textile

Apart from the above, the other advantages of PP BCF yarn are:

– Highly stain resistant
– Durability
– Colour Fastness as master batch is blended with polymer during extrusion.
– High Fraying / Shedding resistance
– High water resistance
– High infestation resistance
– Easy to clean



  • – Raw material: Polypropylene
  • – Dtex (Decitex) : 1000-4000 (According to demand)
  • – Filaments: 188-400 (According to demand)
  • – Color: According to demand
  • – Production capacity : 450 ton/month
  • – Packaging: stretched on palettes
  • – Coil weight (kg) : 2-5
  • – Coil diameter (mm) : 74

ADAS ensures quality checks at each level of production and delivery and carry out following quality checks in carpet yarn manufacturing:

  1.  Yarn count verification.
  2.  Elongation / Tenacity properties.
  3. Anti-Static test.
  4. Shrinkage & Crimping properties.
  5. Colour matching.
  6. Loop & Cut Side checking.
  7. Lace (Interlacing nips) Count verification.
  8. TPI (Twist per inch) check.
  9. Twisted Yarn count verification.

ADAS is committed to produce and supplying best quality BCF yarn to carpet manufacturers around the globe. Taking advantage of vertical integration, ADAS have put stringent quality control checks at various level of production and supplies. It is equipped with state of art testing lab for its products.

ADAS’s R&D section continuously strive to develop various type of polymer-based carpet yarns. ADAS makes collaboration with many Polypropylene textile based companies to share and gain experience and make the best quality for customers. ADAS knows that Quality Matters.

4. How do you evaluate machine made carpet industry globally especially after coronavirus pandemic?

of course, Because of the coronavirus pandemic everything have changed as market was almost on pause. After coronavirus pandemic, textile sectors started to care more about sustainability in our production.

The pandemic situations have globally affected in our sector. Demand for carpet have decreased and it has really affected in our industry. We have positive predictions for the future of the carpet Industry.

In time everything will be the same as before the pandemic because carpets are part of our lives and culture as it has big effect on feeling comfortable in your place.

Raw materials cost increasing directly will affect on our final product as its made 100% from polymers. we have really good advantages on raw as it’s produced in Turkmenistan, so our price is always affordable than other country manufacturers.

6. As a carpet yarn producer in Turkmenistan, how do you evaluate carpet industry in Middle East and Africa and its potentials for Future. Do you have export to this region?

Carpet industry in Middle East and Africa have really good potential for future, as there is serious demand in carpet in those regions. As our company is an international company we have good relationships with both regions in export and import.

7. COVID 19 shows us we should rely more on sustainability and green products, how we can improve sustainability in the carpet sector? do you have any special plan for this?

After COVID-19 globally we have start to care more about green products and sustainability in our workings process as it is important for our future generations. We have start incorporate sustainability production into our policy. Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of goods and services using processes and systems that:
– Ecologicaly clean
– Saving energy and natural resources
– Cost-effective
– Safe and healthy for workers, communities and consumers
– Socially and creatively useful for all workers

If production is sustainable, then the environment, employees, communities and organizations benefit from it. These conditions can always in the long term, and often in the short term, lead to the creation of more economically viable and productive enterprises.

The conceptual spark of sustainable production lies in the evaluation of long-term consequences and benefits, not short-term profits. Organizations can thrive by investing in well-designed and secure products, resource-efficient technologies and processes, and trained and empowered people.

With today’s public concern about global climate change and efforts to green cities, the benefits of sustainable production are becoming even more evident.

Turkmenistan is young country which developing very quickly in all industry. Thanks for our government that have really big impact on developing all industries and we believe with at this pace, Turkmenistan will be an important economic country in Central Asia. There almost 100 factories that active in Turkmenistan. Synthetic yarn production is a new field but cotton yarn spinning and 100% cotton products are so powerful in Turkmenistan.

machine made carpet manufacturers also is a new field in Turkmenistan textile industry and there there are 5 manufacturers. This industry has really bright future as our country also produces raw for Machine Made carpets and economically its good business.

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