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Top 10 Yarn Producers in Turkey

Turkey is an important producer, consumer, importer, and exporter of cotton yarn as well as an investor in the nation’s short staple machinery. The growth of the nation’s export-focused textile and clothing industry is linked to elements including the production of high-quality raw materials, cost-effectiveness, and accessible labor.

In the textile business, Turkey continues to play a key role. Turkish spinning mills place a strong emphasis on excellent quality, flexibility, and sustainability. They are constantly searching for new technologies that will offer them an additional competitive advantage. In this article, we will look at the top ten yarn producers in Turkey.


• Kipas

In 1984, the Kipaş Textile Company was founded. It is the largest integrated manufacturer of yarn and fabric in Turkey and throughout Europe. Along with fabrics and apparel, it creates ring, open end, and air jet yarns.

With over 5,700 employees, Kipaş has an annual production capacity of 100 million meters of fabric and 330 tons of yarn per day. The Kipaş Holding yarn production facilities include 3 open-end yarn factories with a capacity of 20,500 rotors, 5 ring spinning factories with a capacity of 205,000 spindles, and 2000 experienced workers.

Since Kipaş R&D Center opened as Turkey’s first R&D Center in Kahramanmaraş in 2015, it has become one of the textile industry’s top investors in R&D. By guaranteeing quick delivery of high-quality products and establishing the philosophy of customer-oriented work, the Kipaş brand has established itself as one of the major yarn suppliers around the globe. By exporting 50% of the yarns it produces, Kipaş Holding has been able to dominate the yarn market.

• Gurtex


Gurteks, a member of Özkaya Holding, is the top producer of the best-quality yarn in Turkey. It manufactures high-grade acrylic, polypropylene, polyester, and wool-acrylic yarns that are used to make fabric, carpet, clothing, and home textiles.

Its goal is to become one of the top 10 producers of acrylic yarn in the world. The business launched production facilities for carpet and home textiles in 2008 in addition to yarn spinning. It has been exporting its carpets to about 80 nations, including the Middle East, North and South America, Europe, and Russia.


• Acarsoy

Ana Sayfa

In 1985, Acarsoy Company was founded in the Bursa Demirtaş Industrial Zone. It has demonstrated consistent growth and development and has earned a spot among the strong and thriving businesses of the region and the nation.

The company produces and dyes yarns of various materials, including viscose, cotton, polyester, modal, and Tencel. With a powerful team of 450 individuals, Acarsoy provides domestic and foreign fabric manufacturers with unconditional client satisfaction and uncompromising quality management.

Acarsoy produces raw yarns that meet the top 5% of global quality requirements. Its dyed yarns meet all the requirements of well-known apparel manufacturers. One of the top producers of yarn in Turkey, Acarsoy prioritizes sustainability and the preservation of the environment when choosing its raw materials, chemicals, and manufacturing processes. It seeks to continuously lower its carbon footprint with ISO 50001 Energy Management system. It has started studies for the installation of GES systems on its roofs, which will use solar energy to produce power.

• Kaynak

Since its founding in 1987, the Kaynak Group has worked in the marble, metal, and textile (yarn, fabric, towel & bathrobe, garment) industries. One of the top yarn producers in Turkey, Kaynak Yarn Industries Inc. was founded in Usak in 1987 and has been producing the highest quality cotton yarns using cutting-edge technology ever since.

The company pursues offering the best products with the best timing and highest quality. The various open-end, carded, hosiery and knitting yarns are produced by the Kaynak Group. Thanks to its adaptable manufacturing techniques, Kaynak can quickly and effectively adjust its manufacturing processes to meet the needs of its clients.


• Sanko

Sanko Textile has developed into the cornerstone of Sanko Holding, one of the most powerful enterprises in Turkey, with 118 years of ethical business practices. Since 1904, it has been a global leader in the production of environmentally friendly yarn and fabric, with facilities for spinning, circular knitting, dyeing, and printing. Sanko consistently makes investments in new spinning technologies to keep its equipment modern and capable of manufacturing ring, compact, air jet, and open-end yarns of the highest quality.

To offer its clients the most cutting-edge goods and services, it regularly assesses the demands of the clothing and textile industries while collaborating closely with fiber suppliers and research organizations.


• Mem Textiles

One of the biggest integrated manufacturers in the Turkish textile sector is MEM Textile. The business initially focused on spinning ring yarns, but gradually broadened and diversified its production lines. Today, MEM Textile provides knitted fabric, dyeing, and printing options, as well as ring, open-end, and vortex yarns, to the top businesses worldwide.

With the aid of advancing technological infrastructure and R&D studies, MEM Textile produces high-quality products in accordance with the demands and expectations of its business partners within the scope of internationally recognized standards.
The business provides local and international companies with the best quality yarns and fabrics at the quickest delivery times in conformity with constantly evolving new fashion trends. MEM actively monitors fashion trends in the world’s fashion capitals and routinely attends specialist textile shows across the world.

Furthermore, it continuously invests in its workforce and technology to stay innovative. The company also employs ecologically friendly materials throughout all its operations and avoids waste from contaminating the environment thanks to its advanced treatment facilities.


• Korteks

One of the largest yarn manufacturers in the world, KORTEKS, started producing yarns in 1989 under the brand name ” TAÇ YARN.” KORTEKS is a division of the enormous Zorlu Holding, which forms one of the fundamental pillars of Turkey’s manufacturing industry. Zorlu has over 60 enterprises and around 26 thousand employees. Its products are sent to over 150 countries.

The Zorlu Textiles Group ranks among the world’s major textile manufacturers. Zorlu owns globally renowned home textile brands such as TAÇ, Linens, and Valeron. Moreover, thanks to one of its members, KORTEKS, the Zorlu group is also Europe’s and the Middle East’s largest integrated polyester yarn manufacturer.

The Korteks R&D Center supports efforts to improve the competitiveness of the company’s goods in worldwide markets by developing new varieties of polyester yarn and manufacturing novel products that are in line with customers’ needs. It does this by employing a team of experts in areas like yarn testing and analysis methods, polymerization technologies, yarn texturizing, spinning, and masterbatch manufacturing.


• Beyteks

Beyteks Textile company was established and began producing yarn in Ceyhan in 1993. It has grown quickly and now is one of the most well-known yarn manufacturers, producing open-end and ring yarns at low prices and respecting environmental and human rights.

Beyteks states in the introduction of its company that its purpose is to “provide reliable services and products at home and abroad by integrating fundamental principles with cutting-edge production technologies and maintaining the highest degree of customer satisfaction.”


• Kara

Selçuk yarn, the first firm of Kara Holding and founded in Gaziantep in 1989, ranks among the top ten most integrated businesses in Turkey. With 1,261 employees and 115 thousand square meters of production space, Selcuk company produces 45 thousand tons of yarn annually.

The business exports products to 31 nations across 5 continents. This firm stands out for its vast variety of products, expertise in producing high-value products, cutting-edge technology, and investments in environmentally friendly and sustainable processes.


• Anadolu

Anadolu Yarn is one of the major players in the domestic and international textile market with a history that dates back to the 1940s. The company uses the technology developed by top machine manufacturers for all its production activities. This creates a competitive advantage for the company since it can compete globally on quality, cost, and sustainability. The business has established itself as an in-demand brand due to these benefits.



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