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A set of Iranian hand-woven carpets to be registered globally

A set of Iranian hand-woven carpets to be registered globally

Head of Iran National Carpet Center (INCC) Fereshteh Dastpak said on Wednesday that a set of Iranian hand-woven carpets from 19 geographical districts including Takab in west Azarbaijan are to be registered globally.

The sample registration file contains all the information for the these series of hand-woven carpets that has been sent to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) affiliated to United Nations (UN) which is now at the final stages. 

The official stated that registration of these carpets will hit the number of globally registered hand-woven Iranian carports to 48 files, containing varieties in design, paintings which reflects the original art and rich culture of the people of in different provinces.


Universal registration is a major step towards enshrining the Iranian identity, she said. 

Dastpak also went on to say that “Hand-woven carpet is regarded as the the second identity card or the Iranian nation’s spiritual passport, she said.

Despite of significant achievement in the field, Iran has not been successful in carpet branding, she said.

  “To further boost domestic markets and prevent loss of foreign customers, we need to increase the quality of our carpets and develop our marketing knowledge,” Dastpak said. 

Hand-woven carpet has created job opportunities for over two million Iranian workers.

West Azerbaijan is one of the most important provinces in the carpet industry in the recent years.

Afshar Takab carpet and Mahi ( fish) carpet are among top brands in the carpet industry in west Azarbaijan province. 

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