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UK-based designers launch sustainable womenswear brand Sentenced

Sustainability is pervading every realm of fashion so it is not a surprise that new designers want to channel their creativity into creating more environment-friendly designs.

Lucy Graham and Georgia Andrew Wilkinson, two young British designers, have taken it upon themselves to create ‘sustainable and safe clothing that contributes positively to the fashion industry’ with the launch of their brand Sentenced.

The debut collection of Sentenced. will consist of loungewear and separates inspired by 80s and designed using sustainable materials like organic cotton and silks.

The womenswear brand will strive to provide luxurious and original designs that will last the wearer a long time.

The aesthetics of the label are a combination of two distinct personalities – one that is feminine, free-spirited and nostalgic, and the other that is contemporary as well as slick and sensual.

Sentenced. offers fitted dresses, contemporary tracksuits and off-duty separates in black and ivory colour palettes with a pop of teal or leopard print to add flair.

Speaking about the launch of the brand and their debut collection, the designers said, “We are so excited to launch Sentenced., we have long-sought-after clothing which is not only original but also uses high-quality fabrications that will last forever. We’re extremely passionate about the ethics behind the fashion industry and we are proud to strive to create a long-lasting message which generations can follow. Sentenced. aims to be in your wardrobe forever and every piece means something special to you.”

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