Top Textile and Apparel Exhibitions in Japan ...

Top Textile and Apparel Exhibitions in Japan …

Japan is clearly one of the best fashion export markets available for firms. As well as being, economically, the 3rd biggest economy in the world, it is also one of the most stable, organized, rewarding – and fun. Japanese companies work within a society that is highly disciplined and ethical, allowing firms to work with Japan comfortably and with confidence.

Japan’s apparel and textile markets remain in good health. The fashion market (apparel and accessories) has remained stable in the last five years, contracting by just 5% – a good result given price deflation and contracting demand globally – and is currently worth ¥15.5 trillion.

Imports dominate largely from Asia but, in the premium markets, European and US brands have a strong share. There are many opportunities for EU firms, all the more so now that the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement came into force on 1 February 2019.

The Japanese apparel and fashion market is stable and one of the largest export markets for firms.At a time when most manufacturers, brands and retailers face huge challenges in their home markets due to the impact of the pandemic, finding new export sales is one of the few options for growth.

The impact of the pandemic in Japan has been much, much less harsh than in Europe and its consumer economy remains more robust and so is an ideal export market for firms to look at.

For the past two decades, the Japanese apparel market has become increasingly concentrated. An analysis of the sales of the top 100 retailers selling apparel annually shows a marked increase in the share of the top 100 retailers of the total market.

Once you start to get traction in Japan, it can be useful to rent space in a local warehouse to handle deliveries and returns. You will need a local to receive the goods but some warehouses now offer this service.


JIAM Osaka

(Textile Machinery)
Location: Osaka
Date: 30 November – 3 December 2023

About Exhibition:

JIAM 2022 OSAKA is an international trade fair which provides a global business platform. The show introduces innovative solutions by combining existing high-level skillsets that have been created through drastic market change, and presents the latest technologies from a range of industry sectors.

JIAM 2022 OSAKA ended successfully.
We will report the number of visitors (preliminary report) for the four days of the exhibition.
Number of visitors: 10,423 Number
of exhibitors: Total 150 companies/11 countries/regions


Fashion World Tokyo

(Apparel (Import and domestic), textile (import), OEM, sustainable fashion, etc.)
Location: Tokyo
Date: 10-12 October 2023
Tokyo: 5-7 April 2023

About Exhibition:

Japan’s largest international fashion trade show with 650* exhibitors from all over the world!
FaW TOKYO -FASHION WORLD TOKYO is the business platform for companies from all over the world to showcase the latest sustainable products/materials, apparel, bags, shoes, accessories, fabrics/materials/textile accessories, and fashion digital technologies.

The April show will gather AW collections and welcome 23,000* buyers from all over the world to source brands, the fabrics and materials, and order fashion sourcing/OEM/ODM services and more.



(Apparel, accessories, shoes, etc)
Location: Tokyo
Date: 12-15 October 2023
Venue : Shibuya Hikarie 9F Hikarie Hall
Number of applications: 250 brands (assumed)
Expected number of visitors: 15,000

About Exhibition:

rooms is a curated event that has been attended by more than 10,000 creators over the past 20 years from all genres such as fashion, lifestyle, art, performance, and food, with the aim of revitalizing the creative scene .

Rooms, a creative festival that has evolved into a new platform that combines business negotiation functions and product sales functions.

In parallel with business negotiations and matching, you can also expect the spread of new business through direct interaction with general customers and product sales.


Plug In

(Women’s wear, men’s wear, accessories, bags, shoes, lifestyle goods, food and drink goods, exhibition fixtures, technology, business solutions, etc.)
Location: Tokyo
Date: 22-24 March 2023

About Exhibition:

Since the first event was held in 2006, PLUG IN has earned a reputation as a joint exhibition of high-quality fashion and lifestyle miscellaneous goods.
Hosted by the fashion industry’s No. 1 media “Senken Shimbun”, this is a medium-sized exhibition that picks up seasonal brands and topical areas from daily coverage activities.

We specialize in completely BtoB as a place to meet exhibitors with various visitors such as department stores, select shops, specialty stores, manufacturers, trading companies, media, etc.

From 2021, CREDITS will join the sponsorship as a partner, and it will be renewed as “PLUG IN│Editorial”. We are expanding the fields of design miscellaneous goods, beauty cosmetics, and food.
We also carry out test marketing in collaboration with the select shop “Editorial” to support exhibitors, including options such as photo sessions.


Project Tokyo

(Apparel, Fashion accessories, shoes)
Location: Tokyo
Date: 15-16 March 2023

About Exhibition:

PROJECT TOKYO will invite owners and buyers of various retailers worldwide for the 2023 March show.
Exhibitors can apply to our Matchmaking Program with invited buyers.



(Casual, outdoor, sports, lifestyle apparel, shoes, etc)
Location: Tokyo
Date: 8-10 March 2023

About Exhibition:

For more than 10 years in the Tokyo fashion scene, the trade show, JUMBLE has played a major role amongst Japanese clothing brands, accessories, home goods, as well as works of art within the industry.

What makes Jumble unique is its vow for “quality first.” Our dedication is defined in its encouragement of local production and a long lifespan of goods through the careful selection of raw materials, perpetual design, and skilled craftsmanship.However, JUMBLE and its 200+ vendors have collectively taken an initiative to present their story behind every produced product; who, how, and where our goods are produced within Japan.



(Apparel, Fashion accessories, shoes)
Location: Tokyo
Date: 8-10 March 2023
Location: Osaka
Date: 14-15 March 2023


“MAG” is a joint exhibition of fashion, interior and merchandise. Buyers from all walks of life will come to shops, so there’s the potential to acquire a variety of new customers.
Also, mingling with other creatives and shopkeepers offers the possibility of exchanging new ideas, either creatively or in business.
We’re hoping to stage an event better than anything we’ve done before.


AFF (Asia Fashion Fair)

(Garments, Fabrics, Trim, Home textile, Accessories)
Location: Osaka
Date: 11-13 April 2023

AFF (Asia Fashion Fair) Expo was founded in 2003. The Expo is held once every spring in Osaka and once every autumn in Tokyo, with the event having taken place 35 editions to date.

As the biggest OEM.ODM expo for textiles and clothing in Japan, AFF exhibits various product classifications including garments, fabrics, home textiles and accessories. The AFF exhibitors have rich experience working with Japan enterprises which leads to the fact that they could easily handle all kinds of demands regarding to ODM, high function, fast fashion and low prices.

Recently the “China plus one” model has evolved from concept to reality, an example being the number of Japanese importers that have turned to textile and clothing from production bases across Asia for their supplies. The Chinese enterprises follow the tendency by opening new factories in Southeast Asia. The supply of products has extended from China to Asia.

AFF will provide more choices for Japan buyers by attracting more suppliers.


Premium Textile Japan

Location: Tokyo
Date: 24-25 May 2023
Organizer: Japan Fashion Week Organisation (JFW)
Venue: Tokyo International Forum Exhibition Hall E-1

Premium Textile Japan (PTJ) is a business meeting where carefully selected exhibitors propose a variety of high-quality textiles.


JITAC European Textile Fair

Location: Tokyo
Date: 15-17 March 2023
Members:65 companies




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