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Teijin Jacket incorporates pressure-controlled cooling structure

Teijin- Jacket incorporates pressure-controlled cooling structure

The producer of advanced fibers and composites, Teijin Ltd., Tokyo/Japan, has jointly developed the world’s first fan-cooled jacket incorporating a 2-layer pressure-controlled cooling structure together with Makita Corp., Anjo/Japan, a leading manufacturer of electric power tools.

The fan jackets will be used on a test basis by crewmembers working on ships in high-heat climates of the Middle East. The pressure-controlled fan jacket has a unique cooling structure that allows air to enter through the jacket’s outer shell and inner lining in both the front and back of the jacket. The design prevents fabric from bundling up inside the jacket to allow the user to work unencumbered. The air is discharged on a pressure-regulated basis through openings mainly in the neck, underarms and chest, where blood circulation is particularly active, for enhanced cooling effect. The fan unit designed by Makita measures just 39.5 mm thick, 5.5 mm thinner than conventional units. The battery can be recharged with the same charging device available for other Makita cordless electric-power tools.

Different combinations of Teijin high-performance fibers are available to make the jacket waterproof, stretchable and antistatic according to customer needs.




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