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Egy Stitch & Tex

The 11th edition of “Egy Stitch & Tex”


The 11th edition of “Egy Stitch & Tex” takes place in on 14th to the 17th of October, with a second format taking place between the 2nd till the 5th of December 2021, coming hand in hand with the Country’s directive to revive the spinning and weaving industry in the country.

The “Egy Stitch & Tex” exhibition considered as one of the MENA region’s most significant international exhibitions in the development of the textile industry acts as a platform to present new fabric designs and innovations to a diverse range of creators and manufacturers.


Commenting on the scope and structure of this year’s exhibition, Mr. Wael El-Kady, a member of the Board of Directors of Vision Fair, the exhibition organizer, said: “This year’s exhibition adopts a new concept further cementing the importance of the industry and the country’s strategy to revitalize both the industry and various fields.” He also added: “We always strive to achieve the principle of innovation and development because the ready-made textile and clothing industry is a vital contributor to the economic and industrial development of our economy. We’ve witnessed the efforts and directives set down by the government to revitalize the industry, especially with Egypt having been a pioneer in the industry for decades.”
El-Kady also stated that: “This year, and for the first time, the exhibition will establish new and innovative activities to support the spinning, weaving, and printing industry. We will conduct a two-day training course on textile printing, in addition to a competition for the best design stemming from the Egyptian identity, as part of our commitment to the growth of the industry and its link to Egypt’s unique cultural identity. The winning designs will be made available to the public. The exhibition also aims to highlight advancements in digital printing technology on textiles, furnishings, and clothing, whether on the local, regional or international levels.”

On the sidelines of the event, the Cairo Textile Week Conference (CTW 2021), will be launched on 14th and 15th October. It is a knowledge platform that includes experts and specialists in the textile industry, highlighting the industry’s latest and identifying new types of yarn, with a special focus on the latest applications and printing technologies.

Additionally, “Egy Stitch & Tex” is designed to present new fabric designs and innovations to creators and manufacturers from the textile industries, providing unparalleled opportunities for business development and networking between various stakeholders in the textile sector. The exhibition will act as a platform for communication between regional and international manufacturers.

Mr. Karim Shalaby, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vision Fair, said: “Our vision for Egy Stitch &Tex is to be the main platform, introducing the industry’s key players to the latest technological advancements in digital printing technology on fabrics, furnishings and clothing. We strive to be the gateway providing diverse and well-defined business paths for international, regional and local companies working in the field. Our exhibition seeks to help businesses achieve exceptional sales and open various distribution channels within Egypt and the MENA region. “


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