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Staubli to show machinery for woven fabrics at Saigontex

Staubli to show machinery for woven fabrics at Saigontex

Staubli, a global mechatronics solution provider, will inform visitors at Saigontex 2019 expo about the details and advantages of Stäubli’s machinery, systems, and solutions for producing virtually any kind of woven fabric, in booth 1K-9, hall A. The Vietnam Saigon textile & garment industry expo will be held from April 10-13, 2019, in Ho Chi Minh City.

Weavers worldwide seek to optimise their production processes, especially as the textile market becomes more challenging. Stäubli offers a broad range of solutions that support weavers in assuring efficient processes, achieving more first-quality output, and successfully serving their markets. These advantages help weavers position themselves as a trusted provider and keep customers in difficult times.

Stäubli’s range of weaving-preparation systems boasts various automated solutions for efficient warp and style changes. The range includes solutions for automated reading-in (during the sizing process), leasing, drawing-in (SAFIR installations), and warp tying. Sophisticated technologies and ingenious features support the preparation of first-class weaving harnesses for just-in-time weaving. During the weaving process, the Topmatic warp tying machine comes into play.

Renowned for its reliability and its flexibility in terms of application (from standard to finest yarns), this machine creates single or double knots on demand and features double-end detection. Visitors to the booth will see an installation in operation processing a warp without lease, yarn count 40Ne, the company said in a media statement.

Stäubli is one of the leading providers of shed formation solutions for frame weaving (cam\ motions and dobbies) and Jacquard weaving. Weaving mills around the globe rely on the robust S3000 /S3200 series of electronic rotary dobbies to provide all types of patterned fabrics, such as denim, shirting, and home fabrics. Available for every type of weft-insertion technology and for all types of weaving machines, Stäubli offers resilient and reliable machinery that supports high load capacities, even at highest running speeds.

Besides its large range of solutions for the weaving industry, Stäubli also provides automation solutions for sock knitting, including the renowned 2900SL electronic control system and the recently launched D4S automatic toe closing device, which significantly boosts productivity in sock manufacturing.

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