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Premiere Vision Istanbul 2018 attracts global visitors

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Premiere Vision Istanbul 2018, the 8th edition of the premium hub for Middle East & Eastern Europe fashion, which was held from March 7 to 9, 2018, at the Istanbul Congress Centre, attracted large number of international visitors this year. Some 4,683 visitors came to see the Spring Summer 19 collections presented by 95 exhibitors at the exhibition.

The expo reflected strong attendance from international fashion professionals, and registered some 1,000 visits. There were significant numbers of Ukrainian, Russian, Serbian, and Middle East visitors.

In addition to discovering the season’s fabrics and accessories, visitors had the opportunity to express their own creativity during workshops organised in partnership with the Istanbul Modern Museum. Prominent artists Ardan Özmenoglu, Hatice Gökçe, and Ismet Degirmenci headed up three workshops, which attained record audiences.


Other events also packing in crowds were the ‘Let’s talk about fashion’ guided tours of the forum, which are by now, musts for buyers. This season, the talks were presented by Première Vision’s new deputy fashion director Julie Greux, who explained the major trends of the season. It’s a unique service created especially for Première Vision Istanbul.

For this second edition of Open Fashion Studio, four Okan University student teams created hoodies using YKK accessories and fabrics provided by Özel Tekstil, Botas Nehir Tekstil, Tekstil Üniversal, Save Tekstil, Dilek Tekstil and Satab during the show. Visitors to the show followed live the different stages of their designs, before learning the name of the winning team.

The “Morning in the Jungle” project by A. Cihad Sümbül, Gülay Bozkurt, Sinem Sancakli, and Melike Keser was announced by a jury presided over by designer Selim Baklaci. Throughout the three-day show, the working atmosphere, along with the fruitful discussions and meetings between exhibitors and buyers, demonstrated the essential role played by Première Vision Istanbul in the region’s fashion universe.

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