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POLYTEX has won the trust of international customers

POLYTEX has won the trust of international customers

since 2002, POLYTEX has provided the industry with excellent design, engineering, technology development and turnkey projects. It is an International Engineering Group company in the chemical and chemical fiber industries.

POLYTEX and its member companies can provide complete project, including PET, PBT, PTT, PBS, Pa6/Pa66, PLA, PC and other Polymerization Lines, Solid State Polymerization Lines (SSP), Regenerative polymerization plant,Coal chemical engineering technology, Hydrogen Peroxide project, various new chemical technology, and so on.


The POLYTEX team consists of experienced professionals, most engineers have nearly or more than 20 years of experience in Big Chemical project in the world. Provide technical, consulting, design, supervision, operations, services,general contracting turnkey contract and Energy+Finance management based big petrochemical technology projects.

We are using original licensed software such as: AUTODESK PLANT 3D (Piping Design), AUTODESK NAVISWORKS, SW6 (Pressure reactor Design), CAESAR II (Stress analysis software), other qualifications including pressure piping design.

POLYTEX professionals reduce the cost of the entire project and the operating costs with our knowledge and experience. POLYTEX’s engineering design has fully considered the customer’s one-time investment, operating costs, safe production, energy saving and environmental protection. POLYTEX has achieved initial success by providing high-quality, value-for-money design and engineering services. Through timely communication and comprehensive services, we have made our customers more devices or services than expected, and thus gained more business opportunities. The POLYTEX team has served domestic and international clients for over 20 years.

POLYTEX has won the trust of international customers with its exquisite technology and honest and trustworthy work style, and got the best position in the international market: More than 8 PET CP lines in India and other countries for Textile grade and film grade and bottle grade,all of which have passed the strict assessment of the users.

The single-line 400TPD PBT production line built by POLYTEX is largest capacity PBT line in the world. It has won the No.1 prize of Henan Science and Technology Innovation and the No.1 prize of 2017 China Coal Industry Dept.

POLYTEX is based on honesty, innovation and lasting as its working philosophy, and strives to create a fair, trusting, passionate and efficient working atmosphere. It has become a professional engineering company in the field of chemical and textile engineering in the world.

POLYTEX has always been committed to the basic research and development of new projects.At present, the technology package of independent intellectual property rights has involved many fields.The engineering R&D also undertakes the development of product development and engineering technology for some key national projects.At the same time, we also develop new products for customers together.The machining center has many high-class mechanical equipment.Undertake all key equipment manufacturing work for members of the Polytex Group,New coal chemical engineering technology and large-scale energy management projects have been implemented.

Quality and service have always been a proud feature of POLYTEX, and it is also the foundation of POLYTEX’s sustainable development and competitive advantage!

►Corp Office: 5th Floor, Wenchang International Building, No.18 Wenchang Mid Road, Yangzhou, Jiangsu;

►R&D center, Head office, Machining center: No.1 Private Industrial Park,Yuetang,Yizheng,Jiangsu;


►The headquarter currently has 70,000 square meters of land, 5,000 square meters of office, 5,000 square meters of expert building, 8,000 square meters of R&D and pilot plant, More Than 35,000 square meters of Machining;

►POLYTEX,ACME,CHINDUSTRY Registered trademark of Polytex and its subsidiaries.


Honest,trustworthy,innovative and long-term cooperation!

Be a fair,trustful,and fully inspiring creativity environment.It’s a habit to make everything fine and efficient!

Establish a quality system that can be continuously and effectively improved,and provide users with the highest quality, applicable,safe and value-added projects.POLYTEX and all cooperators form sustainable partners!

In the management of continuous efforts to improve efficiency, reduce consumption and response to various demands on time!

Do our business with love, and be grateful!

Like-mindedness,courageous leadership, tacit understanding,risk sharing!

Respect for the user to create value,and customers become friends!

Life is priceless, security is the First! It is always our highest concern!



Interview with POLYTEX GROUP


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