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POLYTEX; Trusted International Engineering Group

POLYTEX; Trusted International Engineering Group

POLYTEX; Trusted International Engineering Group

Interview with POLYTEX Group

►Please let us know more about your company profile, history and your success story.

POLYTEX is one of the most trusted international engineering companies. It has a dedicated team of highly experienced and skilled professionals and engineers to provide world-class turnkey project services from chemicals process, engineering design, procurement, implementation and commissioning in the field of fiber production. The company’s headquarters total 70,000 square meters and includes an engineering R&D center, a machine processing center and a coal chemical technology center. POLYTEX product field include: PTT/PBT/PET/PE/PLA/PA6/PA66/PBS /PBAT/PGA, high-molecular synthesis, coal chemical technology and high molecular recycling industry. In 2015 and 2016, POLYTEX launched three engineering solutions for the global market.

► What do you think about Iran economy after lifting sanctions? What kind of machineries you produce that is suitable for Iran market.

We think that after lifting sanctions, petrol chemical industry will have breakthrough. As Iran is in the middle of Middle East, petrol, natural gas and chemical engineering will flourish. Polyester field will also have big development. We have made achievements in natural gas chemical and polyester field both in China and India. If Iranian customer can choose us, we will provide products with European & American quality and Chinese make. Competitive advantage of final product will be much better than European & American countries.

► As you definitely know Iran has a great potencial in production of Synthetic fibers because of rich oil and gas reserves. What is your assessment form synthetic fiber and textile industry in Iran?

There will be development opportunities in Iran textile and fiber industry. However, because of restriction of STPC, it’s very difficult to import PTA. Now filament and PSF flourish in Iran and we think there must be opportunities in future.

► How is your product quality? You Export your products to which countries and continent?

Quality of our plant is very good and we have attained favorable praise from China and India. Equipment fabrication is designed as per European & American standard and key equipments are from Europe & America. For example, problems are easy to occur in important bearings, special materials and key pumps and they may not reach requirement in China, we will use top products and it’s what we purse. We don’t choose products with low price, we consider best quality. Secondly, we consider price. This is also the point many companies don’t agree with. However, after many years’ hard-working and development, customer’s plant has been in good running state for a long time. Cost and consumption of factory decrease, customer competition is superior to others. At the same time, our guarantee period is 2 years. When doing service, our engineers can speak English and they have no barrier in communication. When we get service information, we will response in time.

Also, we have foreign engineers abroad to provide assistance.

POLYTEX; Trusted International Engineering Group ►As you know Iran has the second biggest economy in middle east and also second country as population. What is your plan for Iran market?

Iran market is very big, its population and position determine that there’re many development opportunities. The key point is how customer will choose. Before signing      contract, customer has many different choices and many suppliers. Each supplier will say their products are good with excellent quality. Once customer makes choice,     they will have no route of retreat. When they start choosing, they will base on their experience and market investigation and will discuss with customers except  supplier. Suppliers always show their advantages instead of disadvantages. Iranians are good at doing business, they don’t trust all suppliers and are easy to be cheated. Iran society doesn’t accept good products from China. Many companies say quality of Chinese products is not good, why? The reason is not China, but what   Iranians choose. Some Iran customers choose low price, they don’t consider well and find unqualified suppliers. Therefore, it’s not fair to say that products from China are bad. It’s because there’s problem in customer’s choice.

POLYTEX; Trusted International Engineering Group  ►China textile machinery industry experienced a big development and success in last decade. Can you compare Chinese textile machinery with European textile machinery manufacturers in aspect of price, Quality, energy saving and ?

About Chinese textile machinery and European textile machinery, cost performance of Chinese high quality suppliers is better than European & American suppliers. Technology of European & American technologies may be improved, however, textile machinery is just process product, not high-end technology such as satellites and rockets, so difference is small. We think if quality is similar, customers should choose cheapest one. If price differs a lot, they should consider quality, service and energy consumption. Iranians uphold tradition of European & American products, they classify China into 3rd category or some category. That’s because they don’t find qualified supplier and they don’t know the actual fact.

►Trade between china and Iran boost in last decade, do you have any suggestion and special message for Iranian textile producers?

Trade develops fast between China and Iran, the good and the bad are intermingled. Some Iranian customers think they choose products with good quality and advanced process, however, result is opposite. As market for Chinese products is dazzled, they give up because they don’t know good & bad. European & American  products are lack in quality, upgrade & update and flexibility. For long-time development of Iranian market, they should choose products with reliable technology. If  boss don’t know technology and just know commercial prices, it’s not enough. There’re many secrets in chemical engineering & textile machinery, such as configuration, seller & buyer scope, however, many buyers don’t know these. Buyer pays much attention to investment, performance and service, any of these points  will influence overall business. To make breakthrough for Iranian textile producers, they must change mind because chemical engineering is different from normal  trade. They must choose machines and equipments with good quality, stable performance, low consumption and low running cost to meet the requirement of   long-time development in future. ■



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